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Ava Helen and Linus Pauling Papers, 1873-2013

02. Publications. 1920-1998, undated.

This section mainly consists of original reprints of Linus Pauling's 1,100+ publications. Included in the Pauling Publications series are bibliographic citations for all of his scientific papers, books, popular articles, printed letters to the editor, forewords, introductions and support notices. The OSU Special Collections gratefully acknowledges the assistance of Zelek S. Herman and Dorothy B. Munro whose bibliography, The Publications of Professor Linus Pauling, served as the blueprint for this, the revised and expanded compilation of Dr. Pauling's complete published works.

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Boxes 1961p - 1967p (Page: 41 - 50)

Publications of Linus Pauling, 1961.
Introduction. Molecular Genetics and Human Disease, Lytt I. Gardner, ed. Springfield, Illinois: Charles C. Thomas, 1961, ix-xi.
Nature of the metallic orbital. Nature 189 (February 1961): 656.
The nature of the metallic orbital and the structure of metals. [Centenary Souvenir Volume of the Indian Chemical Society] J. Indian Chem. Soc. 38, no. 8 (1961): 435-437.
Annihilation. N. Y. Times Book Rev., March 26, 1961, 40-41.
Humanism and peace. [Address to the American Humanist Association at Cleveland, Ohio, on March 17, 1961, responding to election as Humanist of the Year for 1961] The Humanist 21, no. 2 (March-April 1961): 67-76.
Oslo Statement (Adopted Unanimously by the Participants in the Conference Against the Spread of Nuclear Weapons, Oslo, Norway, 2 to 7 May 1961), Ava Helen Pauling and Linus Pauling, 3500 Fairpoint Street, Pasadena, CA, 1961, 2 pp. [Linus Pauling and Ava Helen Pauling, with 58 co-authors].
Reprinted in: New Outlook, (September 1961): 53-58.
Gegen die weitere Verbreitung der Atomwaffen! - Der Wortlaut der Rede von Prof. Linus Pauling auf der Kundgebung der Konferenz der Wissenschaftler in Oslo. [German: Against the further spread of atomic weapons! - The text of a speech by Prof. Linus Pauling at the demonstration of the conference of scientists in Oslo] Kongressdienst (Hamburg) 4, no. 4 (1961): 11-14.
A molecular theory of general anesthesia. Science 134 (July 1961): 15-21.
Japanese reprint: Zenshin Masui no BunShirōn. Kagaku no Ryoiki [Japanese: Territory of Science] 16, no. 2 (February 1962): 85-92.
French reprint: Une Théorie moléculaire de l’anesthésie générale. J. Chim. Phys. 59 (1962): 1-8.
Thalassaemia and the abnormal human hemoglobins. Nature 191, no. (July 1961): 398-399. [Harvey A. Itano and Linus Pauling].
Dead to the world. Time 78, no. 7 (July 1961): 2.
Who would survive? Newsweek 58, no. 9 (July 1961): 2, 6.
The danger of nuclear holocaust. Frontier, 12, no. 12 (October 1961): 1, 15-16, 25-26.
Reprinted in: Sanity, A Magazine Devoted to Peace and Disarmament (Madison, Wisconsin) 1, no. 1 (Winter 1962): 12-14.
Reprinted as: Le danger de l'holocauste nucléaire. Forward to L' Homme Survivra-t-il?, (Has Man a Future?) by Bertrand Russell, translated by Yves Massip. Paris: Les EÉditions John Didier, 1962, 7-14.
Statement by Linus Pauling about Russian bomb tests, 31 August 1961. The Minority of One 3, no. 10 (October 1961): 7.
Cmdr. LeDoux in error. Oxnard Press Courier, October 6, 1961, 24.
Risk in shelters. Oxnard Press Courier, October 7, 1961, 16.
The dead will inherit the earth. Frontier, 13, no. 1 (November 1961): 5-8.
Un Appel de Linus Pauling. [French: An appeal by Linus Pauling] Les Cahiers Rationalistes, Revue Mensuelle Éditée par l'Union Rationaliste Paris, no. 198 (October-November 1961): 222-223.
La Paix et la Raison. [French: Peace and Reason] Les Cahiers Rationalistes, Revue Mensuelle Éditée par l'Union Rationa liste Paris, no. 198 (October-November 1961): 224-231.
Why I am opposed to fallout shelters. Liberation, (New York) 6 (November 1961): 4-6.
Reprinted in pamphlet form as: Colossal deception; Analysis of the shelter program, Liberation, 110 Christopher St., New York, 1961, 10 pp.
Dr. Pauling replies. National Guardian, November 13, 1961, 2.
The synonyms: Peace and life. The Minority of One 3, no. 11 (November 1961): 8.
Pauling opposes tests: War danger held increased by further weapon development. N. Y. Times, November 19, 1961, IV:8.
Women and the Oslo conference against the spread of nuclear weapons. Women of the Whole World, no. 11 (November 1961): 9, 34.
Dringender denn je: Allgemeine und totale Abrstung. [German: More urgent than ever: General and total disarmament] Blätter für deutsche und internationale Politik (Cologne) 11 (November 1961): 993-996.
End the tests! New Outlook 14, no. 9 (November 1961): 54-56.
Ich fordere die Sowjetregierung auf! ... [German: I summon the Soviet government] Die Friedens Rundschau (Hamburg) 15, no. 11 (November 1961): 23-24.
The truth about fallout shelters. The Minority of One 3, no. 12 (December 1961): 4-5.
Pauling's two telegrams of October 18. The Minority of One 3, no. 12 (December 1961): 10.
Telegrams regarding nuclear testing: Pauling to Premier Nikita S. Khruschev, President John F. Kennedy (August 31, 1961) and Premier Khrushchev (September 2, 1961), 2 pp. [self-published].
Telegram of September 2, 1961 reprinted as: Pauling Protests Soviet Tests. Letter to the Editor. SSRS Newsletter (Society for Social Responsibility in Science), no. 110 (October 1961): 3.
Nobelpriesträger Prof. Linus Pauling. Pro (Die Liga Deutschlands Erneuerung und Völkerverständigung), no. 5 (May 1961): 12-14.

Publications of Linus Pauling, 1962.
The carbon-carbon triple bond and the nitrogen-nitrogen triple bond. Tetrahedron 17 (1962): 229-233.
Problems of inorganic structures. Fifty Years of X-ray Diffraction, P. P. Ewald, ed. Utrecht: N. V. A. Oosthoek's Uitgeversmaatschappij, 1962, 136-146.
Early work on X-ray diffraction in the California Institute of Technology. Fifty Years of X-ray Diffraction, P. P. Ewald, ed. Utrecht: N. V. A. Oosthoek's Uitgeversmaatschappij, 1962, 623-628.
I am with you. CNVA Bulletin [Committee for Nonviolent Action, New York, New York] no. 2 (March 16, 1962): 8.
Memory. [Panel Discussion of the N. Y. State Divisional Meeting of the American Psychiatric Assoc., held on November 10, 1961 at the Hotel New Yorker] New York Medicine 17, no. 7 (April 1962): 238-270. [Linus Pauling, Francis O. Schmitt, Ralph W. Gerard, Hans-Lukas Teuber, Stephen Warshall, and Edwin A. Weinstein].
Unjustified action. The Washington Post, April 14, 1962, A8.
Pauling opposes testing: Increased danger of war, harm to unborn seen in resumption. N. Y. Times, April 15, 1962, 10E.
[Copy of] Night letter [to] President John F. Kennedy, White House (dated 1 March 1962). Liberation, (New York) 7, no. 1 (March 1962): cover.
The disaster of nuclear testing (Dr. Pauling's letter that the New York Times failed to print). Liberation, (New York) 7, no. 1 (March 1962): 4, 22.
Reprinted as: The dirty work of "clean" A-bombs. The Minority of One 4, no. 5 (May 1962): 8-9.
News regrets inaccurate report of Pauling view. Buffalo Evening News, June 2, 1962, B2.
Peace group meetings. N. Y. Times, June 25, 1962, 28.
Pauling assails Soviet testing. National Guardian, August 20, 1962, 4.
Valence bond theory in coordination chemistry. J. Chem. Educ. 39 (September 1962): 461-463.
Teoriiâ rezonansa v khimii. [Russian: The theory of resonance in chemistry] Zhurznal Vsesotuznogo Khimicheskogo Obshchestva im. L. L Mendeleeva [J. Mendeleev All-Union Chemical Society] 7, no. 4 (1962): 462-466.
Radiation hazards. Physics Today 15 (September 1962): 58.
The Russians must stop too! This Week, September 9, 1962, 16.
On nuclear testing. The Minority of One 4, no. 11 (November 1962): 3.
Editorial. Medicine et Hygiene- Journal suisse d'information médicales (Geneva) 20 (November 21, 1962): 903.
The statistics of death: Nobel Prize scientist offers facts on nuclear "overkill" 20 years after bomb. [From an address by Linus Pauling at the University of Missouri] St. Louis Post-Dispatch, December 2, 1962, 2D.
Pauling letter. Chem. Eng. News 40, no. 53 (1962): 4.
There is no alternative to peace. The New Zealand Rationalist, 24, no. 3-4 (November- December 1962): 9-10.
Genetic effects of weapons tests. Bull. At. Sci. 18, no. (December 1962): 15-18.
Molecular disease, evolution, and genic heterogeneity. Horizons in Biochemistry (Albert Szent-Györgyi Dedicatory Volume), Michael Kasha and Bernard Pullman, eds. New York: Academic Press, 1962, 189-225. [Emile Zuckerkandl and Linus Pauling].
Contribution to: Christmas in Crisis -- Ten world figures tell why they think this Christmas is unlike any other. Look 26, no. 27 (December 1962): 15-17.
No More War! (1962 Enlarged Apollo Edition). New York: Dodd, Mead & Co., 1962, 262 pp. [Linus Pauling, illustrated with drawings by Roger Hayward].
Reprint: Westport, Connecticut: Greenwood Press, 1975, 262 pp.

Publications of Linus Pauling, 1963.
Our hope for the future. Birth Defects, Morris Fishbein, ed. Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott, 1963, 164-170.
Chemical paleogenetics: Molecular "Restoration Studies" of extinct forms of life. Acta Chem. Scand. 17, supp. 1 (1963): S9-Sl6. [Linus Pauling and Emile Zuckerkandl].
Self-defense. Saturday Evening Post 236, no. 15 (April 1963): 8.
The Oxford Conference of Peace Groups. The Minority of One 5, no. 5 (May 1963); 8-11. [Linus Pauling and Ava Helen Pauling].
Reprinted in: Bulletin of the World Council of Peace, no. 10 (June 15, 1963): 17-19. [Linus Pauling and Ava Helen Pauling].
Open letter to President Sachar. The Justice (Brandeis University) 15, no. 22 (May 1963): 2.
Hasten test ban agreement. Hakumon Herald, (Chuo University, Tokyo), June 22, 1963, 8.
Reprinted in: A Collection of Essays & Articles, (Chuo University, Tokyo) 1970.
The genesis of ideas. Specific and Nonspecific Factors in Psychopharmacology (Proceedings of a Symposium held at the Third World Congress of Psychiatry in Montreal Canada, June 4-10, 1961), Max Rinkel, ed. New York: Philosophical Library, 1963, 44-47.
The molecular basis of genetic defects (Presented at the First Inter-American Conference on Congenital Defects, Los Angeles, Calif., 22-24 January 1962). First Inter-American Conference on Congenital Defects. Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott, 1963, 15-21.
Can murder stop the peace movement? The Minority of One 5, no. 8 (August 1963): 6.
Molecular disease and evolution (Rudolf Virchow Medical Society Lecture). Proc. Rudolf Virchow Med. Soc. N. Y. 21 (1963): 131-140.
Reprinted in: Karger Gazette, S. Karger, Basel/New York, no. 7/8 (October 10, 1963): 3-4.
Reprinted in: Bull. N. Y. Acad. Med. 40 (May 1964): 334-342.
Genetic effects. Bull. At. Sci. 19 (September 1963): 30-32.
Pauling's position. Harper's Mag. 226 (May 1963): 6.
Science and the future of humanity. Graduate Comment (Wayne State University) 7, no. 1 (October 1963): 7-12.
Would civilization survive a nuclear war? The Minority of One 5, no. 11 (November 1963): 6-8.
Reprinted in pamphlet form: The Minority of One, November 1963, 14 pp.
Reprinted in: Bertrand Russell: Philosopher of the Century; Essays in his Honour, Ralph Schoenman, ed. London: George Allen & Unwin, Ltd., 1967, 80-88.
Pauling's appeal to Argentine president in behalf of arrested intellectuals. The Minority of One 5, no. 11 (November 1963): 8.
El Metileno y los Carbenos. [Spanish: Methylene and the carbenes] Afinidad 20, (November-December 1963): 393-396. [Linus Pauling and Gustav Albrecht].
Vorwort. [German: Foreword] Atomare Gefahr und Bevölkerungsschutz, Wahrheit und Legende by Bodo Manstein. Stuttgart: J. Fink Verlag, 1963, 1965, 7-8.
Swedish translation: Inledning. Kärnvapenkriget och civilbefolkningen, Illusion och verklighet by Bodo Manstein. Gothenburg: Zindermans Förlag, 1963, 5-7.
Foreword. Enzyme and Metabolic Inhibitors: Vol. 1, General Principles of Inhibition by J. Leyden Webb. New York: Academic Press, 1963, vii- viii.
Næste Skridt Imod Fred [Danish: The Next Advance Towards Peace - Lecture given in the Concert Hall at Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen on 3 January 1964], Aldrig mere Krig, Egregade 8, København N; Danmarks Demokratiske Kvindeforbund, Venedigvej 13, København S; Dansk Fredskonference, Knabrostræde 3, København K; Dansk Fredskomité, Ane Katrinesvej 32, København F; Kampagnen mod Atomvåben, Vendersgade 13, København K; Komiteen for Oplysning om Atomfaren, Cellovej 13, Herlev; Studentersamfundet, Sankt Hans Torv 26, København N. 1964, 14 pp.
Letter to the Editor. STAKE (Students Taking Action on Key Events), a magazine of student opinion, 3, no. 1 (December 1963): 2.
From Ava Helen and Linus Pauling. Peace Action 4, no. 7 (July 1963): 2.
Editorial, in The Churchman, 177, no. 12 (December 1963): 4-5.
No More War! [reprint of introductory chapter of No More War! (1958)] The Nobel Prize, International Annual (International and English ed.) (1963): 32-38.
New World. Letter to the Editor. Newsweek, 61, no. 22 (June 1963): 6.
Contribution to: Stimmen für Verstndigung aus Aller Welt. Informationsdienst, 2, no. 7 (November 1963): 2.

Publications of Linus Pauling, 1964.
The electroneutrality principale [sic] and the structure of molecules. Anales de la Real Sociedad Española de Fisica y Quimica (Madrid) 60-B, no. 2-3 (February-March 1964): 87-90.
The role of unilateral action. The Yale Political, A Journal of Divergent Views on National Issues 3, no. 3 (Spring 1964): 17, 30-31.
The structure of methylene and methyl. Molecular Orbitals in Chemistry, Physics, and Biology: A Tribute to R.S. Mullikan, Per-Olov Löwdin and Bernard Pullman, eds. New York: Academic Press, 1964, 207-213.
The hydrate microcrystal theory of general anesthesia. [First Baxter Lecture of the International Anesthesia Research Society] Anesth. Analg. 43 (January - February 1964): 1-10.
German translation: Die Hydrat-Mikrokristall-Theorie der Narkose. Der Anaes-thesist 13 (July 1964): 245-250.
Nuclear nomenclature: Helion for alpha-particle. Nature 201, no. 4914 (January 1964): 61.
Science and peace (Nobel Lecture, Oslo, December 11, 1963, on receiving the 1962 Nobel Prize for Peace). Les Prix Nobel en 1963, M. G. Liljestrand, ed. Stockholm: Kungligen Boktryckeriet P. A. Norstedt och Sner, 1964, 296-312.
Reprint: in Linus Pauling on Science and Peace (The Nobel Peace Prize Lecture, with an Introduction by Gunnar Jahn). Santa Barbara, California: Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions; New York: The Fund for the Republic, Inc., 1964, 6-15.
Reprint: Science and peace. The Minority of One 6, no. 1 (January 1964): 8-12.
Reprint: Science and peace. Afro-Asian and World Affairs 1, no. 1 (March 1964): 3-17.
Abridged reprint: Science and peace - The Nobel lecture. Pax et Libertas (Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, Geneva, Switzerland), 29, no. 1 (January-March 1964): 1-5.
Reprinted as: Science and peace. Nobel Lectures, Including Presentation Speeches and Laureates' Biographies: Peace (1951-1970), Vol. 3, Frederick W. Haberman, ed. New York: Elsevier Publishing Company, for the Nobel Foundation, 1972, 271-287.
Spanish translation: Repuesta de Linus Pauling en la ceremonia de la recepción del premio Nobel en Oslo el 10 de deciembre de 1963. Folia Humanst. [Barcelona, Spain] 2, no. 14 (February 1964): 101-103.
Spanish translation: Ciencia y paz. Folia Humanist. [Barcelona, Spain] 2, no. 16 (April 1964): 289-304.
Spanish translation: La Ciencia y la Paz. Paz y Libertad, Publicación del Comité Colombiano de la "Liga Internacional de Mujeres pro Paz y Libertad" [Bogota, Columbia], no. 8 (September 1964): 1-5.
German excerpts: Wissenschaft und Frieden. [German: Science and Peace] Courage, Monatlich erscheinende Informationsschrift der IdK (Düsseldorf) 1, no. 6 (June 1964): 6-9.
French translation: La science et la paiz. Institut International de la Paix, (October-December 1964): 1-11.
Partial reprint: Perspective: Nobel Peace Laureates. Bull. At. Sci. 35 (June 1979): 1.
The Triple Revolution. Santa Barbara, California: The Ad Hoc Committee on the Triple Revolution, 1964, 15 pp. [Linus Pauling, with 34 co-authors].
Reprinted in: The Eagle's Eye, 2 (April-May 1964): 3-16.
The architecture of molecules. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. 51 (May 1964): 977-984.
Reprinted in: The Scientific Endeavor. New York: The Rockefeller Institute Press, 1965, 168-178.
Nature of the iron-oxygen bond in oxyhemoglobin. Nature 203 (July 1964): 182-183.
The Greatest Experience: The Abolition of War. [Delivered as the Ware Lecture on May 12, 1964 at the Annual Meeting of the Unitarian Universalist Association in San Francisco] Boston: Department of Adult Programs for Unitarian Universalist Association, 1964, 14 pp.
Für eine Welt ohne Waffen. [German: For a world without weapons] Courage, Monatlich erscheinende Informationsschrift der IdK [Düsseldorf, Germany] 1, no. 7 (July 1964): 4-5.
La Ciencia y las Armas Nucleares. [Spanish: Science and nuclear weapons] Revista de Sanidad Militar, Organo oficial de la direccion del Servicio, Secretaria de la Defensa Nacional (Mexico City) 18, no. 4 (July-August 1964): 149-156.

Publications of Linus Pauling, 1964.
The possibilities for further progress in medicine through research. Univ. Toronto Med. J. 42, no. 1 (November 1964): 7-8.
The nature of nuclear war and the need for disarmament and peace. Sci. World 8, no. 1 (1964): 26.
The energy of transargononic bonds. The Law of Mass-Action, A Centenary Volume 1864-1964 (Det Norske Videnskeps-Akademi i Oslo), Otto Bastiansen, ed. Oslo: Universitet førlaget, 1964, 151-158.
Introduction. The Futile Crusade: Anti-Communism as American Credo, by Sidney Lens. Chicago: Quadrangle Books, 1964, 7-9.
Khimicheskie osnovy molekulîarnoĭ filogenii. [Russian: Chemical and molecular phylogeny] in Problemy evolîutsionnoĭ i tekhnicheskoĭ biokhimii - Petiîu, A. I Oparina, [Problems of Evolutional and Technical Biochemistry - Dedicated to Academician A. I. Oparin on his 70th Birthday]. Moscow: Akademia Nauk, 1964, 54-62.
Reprinted as: Molecules as documents of evolutionary history. J. Theor. Biol. 8 (1965): 357-366. [Emile Zuckerkandl and Linus Pauling].
French Reprint: Les documents moléculaires de l’évolution. [French: Molecules as documents of evolution] Atomes 20 (December 1965): 339-343. [Emile Zuckerkandl and Linus Pauling].
Proven som dödar. [Swedish: Tests that kill] Sverige och kärnvapenfrågen - En debattskrift utgiven av Sveriges Socialdemokratiska Studentförbund [Sweden and the Nuclear Weapon Question - A Debate Book Released by the Swedish Social-Democratic Student Association], Nordal Åkerman, ed. Stockholm: Rabén och Sjögren, 1964, 105-113.
Kaku jidai ni okeru sensō to heiwa. [Japanese: War and peace in the nuclear age] Heiwano jōken [ConÉditions of Peace], Iwanami kōza GENDAI, Vol. 14, Genzaburo Yoshino, ed. Tokyo: Iwanami Shoten, 1964, 86-106.
World morality and world peace. The Emerging World (Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Volume), New York: Asian Publishing House, 1964, 136-150.
A molecular theory of general anesthesia. Symposium on Information Processing in the Nervous System (International Congress of Physiological Sciences, 22nd, 47 Leiden), P. W. Gerard and J. W. Duyff, eds. New York: Excerpta Medica Foundation, 1964, 548.
Sekai heiwa e no sekkyokuteki teigen. [Japanese: Positive proposition for world peace] Sekai, [World], no. 219 (March 1964): 36-42.

Publications of Linus Pauling, 1964.
Nuclear Weapons and World Sanity. The UNESCO Courier 17 (November 1964): 6-10. [Published simultaneously in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, German, Arabic and Japanese translations of journal].
Reprinted in: The UNESCO Courier 22 (August-September, 1969): 43-44, 46.
Fallout. The American Educator Encyclopedia; A Thoroughly Modern Work Designed to Meet the Needs of Every Age, Everett Edgar Sentman, ed. Lake Bluff, Illinois: United Educators. (1964): F-10 to F-11.
Science and World Peace. International Institute for Peace. Speech reprinted in Peace and the Sciences (July-September 1964), 25 pp.
Respuesta de Linus Pauling en la Ceremonia de la Recepción del Premio Nobel en Oslo el 10 de Diciembre de 1963. Folia Humanist. [Barcelona, Spain] 2 (February 1964): 101-102.
The Architecture of Molecules. San Francisco: W. H. Freeman, 1964, 117 pp. [Linus Pauling and Roger Hayward].
German translation: Die Architecktur der Molekle. Villingen: Neckar-Verlag, 1969, 117 pp.
Japanese translation: Bunshi no zōkei Maruzen Kabushiki Kaisha. Tokyo: Maruzen, 1967, 117 pp.
College Chemistry: An Introductory Textbook of General Chemistry, 3rd ed. San Francisco: W. H. Freeman, 1964, 832 pp. [Linus Pauling, with illustrations by Roger Hayward].
Japanese translation: Kagaku 3rd ed. Toppan Co. Ltd., Tokyo, 1964, 832 pp.
Contribution to: Some comments from the peace movement. War/Peace Report 4 (December 1964): 14.
Wipe Out. Letter to the Editor, The (Whittier, California) Daily News, April 15, 1964.

Publications of Linus Pauling, 1965.
Die Wirklichkeit heutiger Gefährdung der Welt. [German: The reality of the present danger to the world] Universitas, Zeitschrift für Wissenschaft, Kunst und Literatur (Stuttgart) 20, no. 2 (February 1965): 113-119.
Reprinted in: Universitas, Zeitschrift für Wissenschaft, Kunst und Literatur (Stuttgart) 43, no. 1-2 (January-February 1988): 203-208.
The nature of the chemical bonds in sulvanite, CU3VS4. Tschermaks Mineralogische u. Petrographische Mitteilungen 10 (1965): 379-384.
Anesthesia of artemia larvae: Method for quantitative study. Science 149 (September 1965): 1255-1258. [Arthur B. Robinson, Kenneth F. Manly, Michael P. Anthony, John F. Catchpool, and Linus Pauling].
The science of science. Sci. World 9, no. 3 (1965): 29-30.
War is unjust and immoral. The Churchman 179, no. 4 (April 1965): 7-8.
Albert Schweitzer, Médico y Humanitario. [Spanish: Albert Schweitzer, Physician and Humanitarian] Folia Humanist. [Barcelona, Spain] 3, no. 36 (December 1965): 963-971. [Frank Catchpool and Linus Pauling].
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Structural significance of the principal quantum number of nucleonic orbital wave functions. Phys. Rev. Lett. 15 (September 1965): 499.
Structural basis of neutron and proton magic numbers in atomic nuclei. Nature 208 (October 1965): 174.
The close-packed-spheron model of atomic nuclei and its relation to the shell model. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. 54 (October 1965): 989-994.
Structural basis of the onset of nuclear deformation at neutron number 90. Phys. Rev. Lett. 15 (November 1965): 868-870.
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The close-packed-spheron theory and nuclear fission. Science 150 (October 1965): 297-305.

Publications of Linus Pauling, 1965.
The nature of the problem. Pacem in Terris - Peace on Earth (The Proceedings of an International Convocation on the Requirements of Peace Sponsored by the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions), Edward Reed, ed. New York: Pocket Books, Inc. 1965, 35-42.
Reprinted: in To Live as Men: An Anatomy of Peace (Papers by Paul Tillich, Linus Pauling, Abba Eban, Alex Quaison-Sackey, Vijaya Lakshmi Pandii, and Pietro Nenni, with an Introduction by Robert M. Hutchins and Messages from Pope Paul VI). Santa Barbara, California: Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions/The Fund for the Republic, Inc., 1965, 24-35.
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Excerpted in: "When the World's Peoples Talked Peace", Saturday Review, May 1, 1965, 22-26, 65-69.
Excerpted in: Feedback [Newsletter of the Institute for Cybercultural Research, Incorporated] 2, no. 3 (March 1965): 3.
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Fifty Years of Physical Chemistry in the California Institute of Technology. Annu. Rev. Phys. Chem. 16 (1965): 1-14.
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Reprinted as: Preface by Linus Pauling. American Dialog 2, no. 1 (February-March 1965): 37.
The Contribution of India to the Achievement of World Peace. The Legacy of Nehru; A Memorial Tribute, K. Natwar Singh, ed. New York: The John Day Company, 1965, 75-80.

Publications of Linus Pauling, 1966.
The social responsibilities of scientists and science. Sci. Teach. 33, no. 5 (May 1966): 14-18.
Reprinted in: Graduate Comment (Wayne State University) 10, no. 1 (1967): 17-24.
Die Beziehungen zwischen Molekülstruktur und medizinischen Problemen. [German: The connection between molecular structure and medical problems] Naturwiss. Rundsch. 19, no. 6 (June 1966): 217-222.
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