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02. Publications. 1920-1998, undated.

This section mainly consists of original reprints of Linus Pauling's 1,100+ publications. Included in the Pauling Publications series are bibliographic citations for all of his scientific papers, books, popular articles, printed letters to the editor, forewords, introductions and support notices. The OSU Special Collections gratefully acknowledges the assistance of Zelek S. Herman and Dorothy B. Munro whose bibliography, The Publications of Professor Linus Pauling, served as the blueprint for this, the revised and expanded compilation of Dr. Pauling's complete published works.

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Publications of Linus Pauling, 1952.
Bond orbitals and bond energy in elementary phosphorus. J. Chem. Phys. 20 (January 1952): 29-34. [Linus Pauling and Massimo Simonetta].
The structure of alloys of lead and thallium. Acta Crystallogr. 5 (January 1952): 39-44. [You-Chi Tang and Linus Pauling].
Configurations of polypeptide chains with equivalent cis amide groups. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. 38 (January 1952): 86-93. [Linus Pauling and Robert B. Corey].
Interatomic distances and bond character in the oxygen acids and related substances. J. Phys. Chem. 56 (March 1952): 361-365.
The structure of chlorine hydrate. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. 38 (February 1952): 112-118. [Linus Pauling and Richard E. Marsh].
On a phospho-tri-anhydride formula for the nucleic acids. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 74 (1952): 1111. [Linus Pauling and Verner Schomaker].
The atomic arrangements and bonds of the gold-silver ditellurides. Acta Crystallogr. 5 (May 1952): 375-381. [George Tunell and Linus Pauling].
Interatomic distances and atomic valences in NaZn13. Acta Crystallogr. 5 (September 1952): 637-644. [David P. Shoemaker, Richard E. Marsh, Fred J. Ewing, and Linus Pauling].
The Lotmar-Picken X-ray diagram of dried muscle. Nature 169 (March 1952): 494-495. [Linus Pauling and Robert B. Corey].
Resonance in the hydrogen molecule. J. Chem. Phys. 20 (June 1952): 1041.
Structure of the synthetic polypeptide poly-?-methyl-L-glutamate. Nature 169 (May 1952): 920. [Harry L. Yakel, Jr., Linus Pauling, and Robert B. Corey].
Crystal structure of the intermetallic compound Mg32(Al, Zn)49 and related phases. Nature 169 (June 1952): 1057. [Gunnar Bergman, John L. T. Waugh, and Linus Pauling].
Quantum mechanics of valence. Review of Valence by C. A. Coulson (Oxford: Clarendon, 1952). Nature 170 (September 1952): 384.
The structural chemistry of molybdenum. Molybdenum Compounds, Their Chemistry and Technology, D. H. Killeffer and Arthur Linz, eds., New York: Interscience Publishers, 1952, 95-109.
Status of the values of the fundamental constants for physical chemistry as of July 1, 1951. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 74 (June 1952): 2699-2701. [Frederick D. Rossini, Frank T. Gucker, Jr., Herrick L. Johnston, Linus Pauling, and George W. Vinal].
On a phospho-tri-anhydride formula for the nucleic acids. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 74, no. 14 (July 1952): 3712-3713. [Linus Pauling and Verner Schomaker].
The planarity of the amide group in polypeptides. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 74 (1952): 3964. [Linus Pauling and Robert B. Corey].
The hemoglobin molecule in health and disease. Proc. Am. Phil. Soc. 96 (October 1952): 556-565.
Use of propositions in examinations for the doctor's degree. Science 116 (December 1952): 667-669.
Review of States of Matter, vol. 2 of the third edition of a Treatise on Physical Chemistry by Hugh S. Taylor and Samuel Glasstone (New York: Von Nostrand, 1951). Chem. Eng. News 30 (March 1952): 928.
Dr. Pauling. Letter to the Editor. Aftenposten, June 21, 1952, 2.
My Efforts to Obtain a Passport. Bull. At. Sci. 8 (October 1952): 253-255.
The Decision Reversed. Bull. At. Sci. 8 (October 1952): 256.
Gilbert Newton Lewis Medal - acceptance by Linus Pauling. [text of a speech originally titled, "The Future of Structural Chemistry," delivered November 27, 1951] The Vortex, [American Chemical Society, Northern California Section] 13 (January 1952): 21, 26, 28-29.

Publications of Linus Pauling, 1953.
Fundamental dimensions of polypeptide chains (A discussion on the structure of proteins held on 1 May 1952). Proc. Roy. Soc. (London) 141 (March 1953): 10-20. [Robert B. Corey and Linus Pauling].
Stable configurations of polypeptide chains. Proc. Roy. Soc. (London) 141 (1953): 21-33. [Linus Pauling and Robert B. Corey].
The configuration of polypeptide chains in proteins. [A report for the Ninth Solvay Congress, University of Brussels, April 6-14, 1953.] in Les Proteins, Rapports et Discussions, R. Stoops, ed. Brussels: Coudenberg, 1953, 63-99.
The crystal structure of β selenium. Acta Crystallogr. 6 (January 1953): 71-75. [Richard E. Marsh, Linus Pauling, and James D. McCullough].
Compound helical configurations of polypeptide chains: Structure of proteins of the α-keratin type. Nature 171 (January 1953): 59-61. [Linus Pauling and Robert B. Corey].
Reprinted in: Office of Naval Research: Forty Years of Excellence in Support of Naval Science, F. E. Saalfeld, ed. Arlington, Virginia: Office of Naval Research, Department of the Navy. (1987): 581-585.
Structure of the nucleic acids. Nature 171 (February 1953): 346. [Linus Pauling and Robert B. Corey].
Molecular models of amino acids, peptides, and proteins. Rev. Sci. Instrum. 24 (August 1953): 621-627. [Robert B. Corey and Linus Pauling].
Protein interéactions. Aggregation of globular proteins. Faraday Society Discu. 13 (1953): 170-176.
A proposed structure for the nucleic acids. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. 39 (February 1953): 84-97. [Linus Pauling and Robert B. Corey].
Two pleated-sheet configurations of polypeptide chains involving both cis and trans amide groups. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. 39 (April 1953): 247-252. [Linus Pauling and Robert B. Corey].
Two rippled-sheet configurations of polypeptide chains, and a note about the pleated sheets. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. 39 (April 1953): 253-256. [Linus Pauling and Robert B. Corey].
A theory of ferromagnetism. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. 39 (June 1953): 551-560.
The strengths of the oxygen acids. Sch. Sci. Math. 53 (June 1953): 429-435.
Ice. Encyclopedia Britannica, vol. 12. Chicago: William Benton. (1953): 39-40.
Theory of resonance. Encyclopedia Britannica, vol. 19. Chicago: William Benton. (1953): 210-213.
Valence. Encyclopedia Britannica, vol. 22. Chicago: William Benton. (1953): 944-947.
The periodic law. Encyclopedia Britannica, vol. 18. Chicago: William Benton. (1953): 517-521.
General Chemistry: An Introduction to Descriptive Chemistry and Modern Chemical Theory, 2nd ed. San Francisco: W. H. Freeman, 1953, 710 pp. [Linus Pauling, with Illustrations by Roger Hayward].
French translation: Chimie Générale: Introduction à la Chimie descriptive et à la Chimie théorique moderne. Paris: Dunod, 1956, 725 pp.
French translation (second printing): Chimie Générale: Introduction à la Chimie descriptive et à la Chimie théorique moderne. Paris: Dunod, 1958, 728 pp.
French translation (third printing): Chimie Générale: Introduction à la Chimie descriptive et à la Chimie théorique moderne. Paris: Dunod, 1960, 728 pp.
German translation (first German edition): Chemie: eine Einführung. Weinheim: Verlag Chemie GmbH, 1956, 624 pp.
German translation (second German edition): Chemie: eine Einführung. Weinheim: Verlag Chemie GmbH, 1958, 624 pp.
German translation (third German edition): Chemie: eine Einführung. Weinheim: Verlag Chemie GmbH, 1960, 630 pp.
German translation (fourth German edition): Chemie: eine Einführung,. Weinheim: Verlag Chemie GmbH, 1962, 630 pp.
German translation (fifth German edition): Chemie: eine Einführung. Weinheim: Verlag Chemie GmbH, 1964, 630 pp.
German translation (sixth German edition): Chemie: eine Einführung. Weinheim: Verlag Chemie GmbH, 1965, 628 pp.
German translation (seventh German edition): Chemie: eine Einführung. Weinheim: Verlag Chemie GmbH, 1967.
German translation (eighth German edition): Chemie: eine Einführung. Weinheim: Verlag Chemie GmbH, 1969.
Modern Asia Edition. Tokyo: Charles E. Tuttle, 1960, 710 pp.
Indian Edition. Bombay: Allied Pacific Private Limited, 1962, 710 pp.
Polish translation: Chimia Ogólna: Wstep do chemii opisowej z zarysem nowoczesnych teorii. Warsaw: Panstwowe Wydawnictwo Naukowe, 1963, 627 pp.
Gujurati translation: Samanya Rasayana. Ahamdabad-9, India: Gojarab University, 1965, 984 pp.
Hebrew translation: Kemiah K'laluth. Tel Aviv: Yachdov, United Publishers Co. Ltd., 1965, 894 pp (in two volumes).
Portuguese Translation: Química geral. Rio de Janeiro: AO Livre Técnico S. A. e Editôra da Universidade de São Paulo, 1965, 774 pp.
Italian Translation: Chimica Generale. Milan: Longanesi & Co., 1960, 752 pp.
Taiwan Students' Edition: The Southeast Book Company, Taiwan, 1953, 711 pp.

Publications of Linus Pauling, 1954.
Review of International Tables for X-ray Crystallography, Vol. 1. Symmetry Groups, N. F. M. Henry and K. Lonsdale, eds (Birmingham: Kynoch Press, 1952). Acta Crystallogr. 7 (March 1954): 304.
Review of The Proteins. Chemistry, Biological Activity, and Methods. Vol. 1, part A, Hans Neurath and Kenneth Bailey, eds (New York: Academic Press, 1953). Arch. Biochem. Biophys. 49 (1954): 254.
On the structure of the heteropoly anion in ammonium 9-molybdomanganate, (NH4)6MnMo9O 32 • 8H2 O. Acta Crystallogr. 7 (May 1954): 438-441. [John L. T. Waugh, David P. Shoemaker, and Linus Pauling].
Linus Pauling: "A disgraceful act ..." The Nation 178 (May 1954): 378.
The world problem and the hydrogen bomb. New Outlook 7 (May 1954): 6-12.
The configuration of polypeptide chains in proteins. Fortschr. Chem. Org. Naturst. 11 (1954): 180-239. [Linus Pauling and Robert B. Corey].
The dependence of bond energy on bond length. [Debye 70th Birthday Symposium, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York] J. Phys. Chem. 58 (August 1954): 662-666.
The stochastic method and the structure of proteins. 13th International Congress of Pure and Applied Chemistry: Plenary Lectures, International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry, Stockholm, 1954, 37-52.
Reprinted in: Am. Sci. 43 (April 1955): 285-297.
The structure of protein molecules. Sci. Am. 191 (July 1954): 51-59. [Linus Pauling, Robert B. Corey, and Roger Hayward].
Reprinted by Sci. Am. in Supplementary Readings for Chemical Bond Approach, 1961, 3-11.
Review of Nature and Structure of Collagen: Papers presented for a discussion convened by the Colloid and Biophysics Committee of the Faraday Society at King's College, London, 26-27 Mar. 1953 by J. T. Randall (New York: Academic Press, 1953). Science 120 (1954): 133.
Foreword. The Structural Chemistry of Proteins by H. D. Springall (London: Butterworths Scientific Publications, 1954), vii.
Review of The Chemical Structure of Proteins, edited for the Ciba Foundation by G. E. W. Wolstenholme and Margaret P. Cameron (Boston: Little, Brown, 1953). Arch. Biochem. Biophys. 53 (1954): 522-523.

Publications of Linus Pauling, 1955.
The duplication of molecules. Aspects of Synthesis and Order in Growth. [The Thirteenth Symposium of the Society for the Study of Development and Growth] Dorothea Rudnick, ed. Princeton, New Jersey: Princeton University Press, 1955, 3-13.
An investigation of the structure of silk fibroin. Biochim. Biophys. Acta 16 (1955): 1-34. [Richard E. Marsh, Robert B. Corey, and Linus Pauling].
Abnormality of hemoglobin molecules in hereditary hemolytic anemias. The Harvey Lectures, 1953-1954, Series 49. New York: Academic Press, 1955, 216- 241.
The crystal structure of silk fibroin. Acta Crystallogr. 8 (January 1955): 62. [Richard E. Marsh, Robert B. Corey, and Linus Pauling].
The energy change in organic rearrangements and the electronegativity scale. Biochemistry of Nitrogen (papers dedicated to Artturi Ilmari Virtanen). Helsinki: Suomalaisen Tiedeakatemian, 1955, 428-432.
The structure of tussah silk fibroin (with a note on the structure of β-poly-L-alanine). Acta Crystallogr. 8 (November 1955): 710-715. [Richard E. Marsh, Robert B. Corey, and Linus Pauling].
Reprinted in: Proceedings of International Wool Textile Research Conference (Australia) (1955): B176-Bl86.
The configuration of polypeptide chains in proteins. Istituto Lombardo Milano 89 (1955): 10-37. [Robert B. Corey and Linus Pauling].
Review of The Strengths of Chemical Bonds by T. L. Cottrell (New York: Academic Press, 1954). Arch. Biochem. Biophys. 59 (December 1955): 543.
Modern structural chemistry (Nobel Lecture, 11 December 1954). Les Prix Nobel en 1954, M. G. Liljestrand, ed., (Stockholm: A. Norstedt och Sner, 1955), 91-99.
German translation: Moderne Strukturchemie, Nobel-Vortrag, Dezember 1954. Angew. Chem. 67 (1955): 241-244.
Reprinted in: Science 123 (1956): 255-258.
Calculated form factors for the 18-residue 5-turn α-helix. Acta Crystallogr. 8 (December 1955): 853-855. [Linus Pauling, Robert B. Corey, Harry L. Yakel, Jr., and Richard E. Marsh].
Hugo Theorell. Science 122 (1955): 1222-1223.
Foreword. Lamp at Midnight, 3rd ed., by Barrie Stavis (New York: Dramatists Play Service, 1955): 3-4.
Review of The Kinetic Basis of Molecular Biology by Frank H. Johnson, Henry Eyring and Milton J. Polissar (New York: John Wiley and Sons, 1954). Arch. Biochem. Biophys. 55 (1955): 300-301.
Notes from Around the World, Eng. Sci. 18 (April 1955): 15-17.
College Chemistry: An Introductory Textbook of General Chemistry, 2nd ed. San Francisco: W. H. Freeman, 1955, 685 pp. [Linus Pauling, with illustrations by Roger Hayward].
Japanese translation: Kagaku. Tokyo: Heibonsha, 1957, 1958, 635 pp in two volumes.
Hindi translation: Vidyalay Rasayana. Elahabad-2, India: Science Conference Publishers, 1966, 764 pp.
Sinhala translation: Sirimathipaya. Colombo, Ceylon (Sri Lanka), 1968, 699 pp.
Advice to Students. Eng. Sci. 18 (April 1955): 17.
Reprinted as: Voices of Today... The Foothill Democrat, [published by the Foothill Roosevelt Democratic Club] 1, no. 2 (April 1955): 1.
Japanese scientists and their work lauded. Asahi Evening News, March 16, 1955, 4.

Publications of Linus Pauling, 1956.
Youth wants to know presents Dr. Linus C. Pauling. Proceedings of Youth Wants to Know 4 (January 1956): 3-11.
Why is hydrofluoric acid a weak acid? J. Chem. Educ. 33 (January 1956): 16-17.
The electronic structure of metals and alloys. Theory of Alloy Phases; a Seminar on Theory of Alloy Phases Held During the Thirty-seventh National Metal Congress and Exposition, Philadelphia, October 15 to 21, 1955. Cleveland: American Society for Metals, 1956, 220-242.
The combining power of myoglobin for alkyl isocyanides and the structure of the myoglobin molecule. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. 42 (February 1956): 51-54. [Allen Lein and Linus Pauling].
A simple theoretical treatment of alkali halide gas molecules (Paper read at the Silver Jubilee Session of the National Academy of Sciences of India, December 27, 1955). Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. (India) 25 (1956): 1-5.
The future of enzyme research (The Fourth Edsel B. Ford Lecture), in Enzymes: Units of Biological Structure and Function, Oliver H. Gaebler, ed. New York: Academic Press, 1956, 177-182.
Reprinted in: Henry Ford Hosp. Med. Bull. 4 (1956): 1-4.
On the valence and atomic size of silicon, germanium, arsenic, antimony, and bismuth in alloys. Acta Crystallogr. 9 (February 1956): 127-130. [Linus Pauling and Peter Pauling].
Contribution to: Where is science taking us? The research frontier. Saturday Rev. 39 (March 1956): 58.
Specific hydrogen-bond formation between pyrimidines and purines in deoxyribonucleic acids. (In Linderstrom-Lang Festschrift). Arch. Biochem. Biophys. 65 (November 1956): 164-181. [Linus Pauling and Robert B. Corey].
The nature of the theory of resonance, in Perspectives in Organic Chemistry, Sir Alexander Todd, ed. New York: Interscience, 1956, 1-8.
Amedeo Avogadro nel centenario della morte. [Italian: Amedeo Avogadro in the century after his death] La Chimica e l'industria 38 (July 1956): 17-20.
English translation: Amedeo Avogadro. Science 124 (October 1956): 708-713.
The molecular basis of genetics. Am. J. Psychiatr. 113 (December 1956): 492-495.
Japanese reprint. Idengaku no bunshi-ron-teki kiso. F.A.S.-Fūshin, no. 40/41 (1959): 31-40.
Review of Valency and Molecular Structure by E. Cartmell and G.W.A. Fowles (New York: Butterworths, 1956). Science 124 (1956): 1213.
Testimony of Linus Pauling, Pasadena, Calif. Security and Constitutional Rights: Hearings Before the Subcommittee on Constitutional Rights of the Committee on the Judiciary, United States Senate, Eighty-fourth Congress, Second Session, Pursuant to S. Res. 94, A Survey of the Extent to Which the Rights Guaranteed by the First Amendment are Being Respected and Enforced by the Various Government Loyalty Security Programs, November 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 21, 22, 23, 25, 28, and 29, 1955. Washington, D.C.: United States Government Printing Office, 1956, 103-140.
Contribution to: 62 Prominent Men and Women Express their Views on Disarmament. Warsaw: Polish Radio International Free Forum of the Air, 1956, 42.
By ōki ni kanren shita ijō hemogurobin bunshi. Tanpakushitsu kagau 4, Mizushima Sanichirō and Akabori Shirō, eds. Tokyo: Kyōritsu Shuppan, 1956. [Harvey A. Itano and Linus Pauling] [Note: This article was later revised, expanded and published as Abnormal hemoglobin molecules in relation to disease. Svensk Kemisk Tidskrift 69 (1957): 509-523.].

Publications of Linus Pauling, 1957.
The N-terminal amino acid residues of normal adult hemoglobin: A quantitative study of certain aspects of Sanger's DNP-method. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 79 (February 1957): 609-615. [Herbert S. Rhinesmith, W. A. Schroeder, and Linus Pauling].
The probability of errors in the process of synthesis of protein molecules. Arbeiten aus dem Gebiet der Naturstoffe (Festschrift Prof. Dr. Arthur Stoll. Zum Siebzigsten Geburtstag. 8 January 1957). Basel: Birkhiiuser, 1957, 597-602.
The crystal structure of the metallic phase Mg32(Al, Zn)49. Acta Crystallogr. 10 (April 1957): 254-257. [Gunnar Bergman, John L. T. Waugh, and Linus Pauling].
A set of effective metallic radii for use in compounds with the ß-wolfram structure. Acta Crystallogr. 10 (May 1957): 374-375.
Abnormal hemoglobin molecules in relation to disease. Svensk Kemisk Tidskrift 69 (1957): 509-523. [Harvey A. Itano and Linus Pauling].
The configuration of polypeptide chains in proteins. Modern Chemistry for the Engineer and Scientist, George Ross Robertson, ed. New York: McGraw Hill, 1957, 422-434.
A quantitative study of the hydrolysis of human dinitrophenyl(DNP)globin: The number and kind of polypeptide chains in normal adult human hemoglobin. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 79 (September 1957): 4682-4686. [Herbert S. Rhinesmith, W. A. Schroeder, and Linus Pauling].
Health hazards of radiation. Health Hazards of Radiation, [American Cancer Society, California Division, 1957 Annual Meeting, Fairmont Hotel, San Francisco, Calif., 3 October 1957 - Panel Forum Recorded on Tape and Transcribed] American Cancer Society, California Division, 1957, 6-8.
The use of atomic radii in the discussion of interatomic distances and lattice constants of crystals. Acta Crystallogr. 10 (November 1957): 685-687.
Review of Synthetic Polypeptides: Preparation, Structure, and Properties by C. H. Bamford, A. Elliot, and W. E. Hanby (New York: Academic Press, 1956). Arch. Biochem. Biophys. 72 (1957): 250.
Summary and discussion. Molecular Structure and Biological Specificity: A Symposium Sponsored by the Office of Naval Research and Arranged by the American Institute of Biological Sciences. Held in Washington, D. C., October 28, 29, 1955 (American Institute of Biological Sciences Publication 2), Linus Pauling and Harvey A. Itano, eds. Washington, D.C.: American Institute of Biological Sciences, 1957, 186-195.
Preface. How Life Began, by Irving Adler, illustrated by Ruth Adler. New York: The John Day Co., 1957, 5-6.
An Appeal by American Scientists to the Governments and People of the World. Bull. At. Sci. 13 (1957): 264-265.
Contribution to: The Scientists Speak. New York Herald Tribune, May 5, 1957, 1, 10.
Self Published as: Statement About Nuclear Bomb Tests, May 2, 1957, 4 pp.
Лучще Знать Аруг Аруга [Russian: To know each other better] Наука И Жизнь [Science and Life] (October 1957): 13.

Publications of Linus Pauling, 1958.
Factors affecting the structure of hemoglobins and other proteins. Symposium on Protein Structure, [International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry, Paris Meeting, 25-29 July 1957] Albert Neuberger, ed. London: Methuen; New York: Wiley, 1958, 17-22.
The structure of proteins. Frontiers in Science, A Survey, Edward Hutchings, Jr., ed., Basic Books, New York, 1958, 28-36. [Robert B. Corey and Linus Pauling].
The nature of bond orbitals and the origin of potential barriers to internal rotation in molecules. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. 44 (February 1958): 211-216.
The configuration of polypeptide chains in proteins. Recent Advances in Gelatin and Glue Research: Proceedings of a Conference sponsored by the British Gela- tine and Glue Research Association held at the University of Cambridge, 1-5 July 1957, G. Stainsby, ed. London: Pergamon Press, Symposium Publications Division, 1958, 11-13.
A Nobel scientist speaks: Every test kills.... Liberation (New York) 2, no. 11 (February 1958): 7-11.
German Reprint: Jeder Atomversuch fordert Opfer. Die Lupe (Bern), no. 227 (1960): 1-8.
An exclusive: Nobel prize winner Linus Pauling answers Edward Teller's recent Life magazine article on "The Compelling Need for Nuclear Tests". I.F. Stone's Weekly 6, no. 8 (February 1958): 2-3.
A first step in disarmament. Chem. Eng. News 36, no. 8 (February 1958): 10.
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A fatal policy. The Intercollegian, A Journal of Christian Encounter 75, no. 7 (April 1958): 11- 12.
Molecular disease. Pfizer Spectrum 6, no. 9 (May 1958): 234-235.
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Genetic menace of tests. N. Y. Times, May 16, 1958, 24.
The relation between longevity and obesity in human beings. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. 44 (1958): 619-622.
Fallout & freedom. Time 71, no. 23 (June 1958): 4.
Emoglobine anormali in rapporto alle malattie. [Italian: Abnormal hemoglobin in relation to disease] Estratto dai Rendiconti dell'Istituto Superiore di Sanita (Rome) 21 (1958): 30-48.
Fact and fable of fallout. The Nation 186, no. 24 (June 1958): 537-542.
Should weapons testing be stopped? California Parent Teacher 34, no. 10 (1958): 4-5.
A note from Dr. Pauling. Frontier, 9, no. 9 (July 1958): 26.
Mit der Bombe kann man nicht leben [German: One can not live with the Bomb] Blätter für Deutsche und Internationale Politik (Cologne) 10 (October 1958): 713-718.
Genetic and somatic effects of carbon-14. Science 128 (1958): 1183-1186.
Fall-out study challenged. Conclusions on tumor production, leukemia declared unjustified. New York Times, November 16, 1958, 10 E. [Linus Pauling and Barclay Kamb].
Letter to the Editor. Chico (California) Enterprise-Record, March 17, 1958.

Publications of Linus Pauling, 1958.
Fallout and disarmament: A debate between Linus Pauling and Edward Teller. [Debate held on February 20, 1958 in San Francisco and broadcast on KQED] Daedalus: Proc. Am. Acad. Arts and Sciences 87, no. 2 (1958): 147-163. [Linus Pauling and Edward Teller].
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Scientists Submit Petition to UN Urging International Agreement to Stop Testing Nuclear Bombs. Statement by Dr. Linus Pauling. January 13, 1958, 3 pp.
Molecular Disease. Spectrum 6, no. 9 (May 1958): 234-235.
No More War! New York: Dodd, Mead & Co., 1958, 254 pp. [Linus Pauling, illustrated with drawings by Roger Hayward].
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Publications of Linus Pauling, 1959.
The nature of the forces operating in the process of the duplication of molecules in living organisms. The Origin of Life on the Earth, [Proceedings of the First International Symposium on the Origin of Life on the Earth, Moscow, 19-24 August 1957; English-French-German edition] F. Clark and R. L. M. Singe, eds. New York: Pergamon Press, 1959, 215-223.
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The novelist underestimated the power of the bomb. Review of Alas, Babylon by Pat Frank (Philadelphia: Lippincott, 1959). This World (San Francisco Sunday Chronicle), March 29, 1959, 15.
Most important thing in our world today. Pasadena Independent Star-News, March 22, 1959.
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Effect of strontium 90: Protest expressed at statement on maximum permissible amount. N. Y. Times, April 28, 1959, 34.
Radioactive poison. The Progressive 23, no. 6 (June 1959): 44.
Letter. Sci. Am. 200, no. 6 (June 1959): 14, 16.
Our choice: Atomic death or world law. The Mainichi [The Daily], August 9, 1959, 2.
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