Ava Helen Pauling greeting a deer. Picture. 1955
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Travel: India

Activity Listings

  • Letter from David C. Crockett, Massachusetts General Hospital, to LP RE: Says they are still trying to find a date on which all the members of the Scientific Advisory Committee can meet and would like to know if LP could attend a December 16 or 17 meeting. [Letter from Executive Secretary to Crockett February 1, 1955] [Filed under LP Science: Massachusetts General Hospital—Scientific Advisory Committee, 1949-1957: Box #15.008, Folder #8.7]
  • Letter from Dr. Frederick Elliott, Executive Director, Texas Medical Center, Inc., to Beatrice Wulf, Secretary to LP, RE: Thanks Wulf for the information. Will write again with possible dates for LP's visit. [Letter from Wulf to Elliott January 13, 1955, Letter from LP to Elliott March 28, 1955] [Filed under LP Correspondence: (E: Correspondence)), #112.21]
  • Letter from Dr. James A. Ibers to LP RE: Has been seeking employment and has used LP's name as a reference. Interested in the potentialities of high-resolution electron diffraction in the study of the defect solid state and would like to develop this field in the U.S. Is currently investigating the structure of an intercalated graphite-ferrite chloride compound by electron diffraction. Describes his travel and lecture plans. [Letter from James A. Ibers to LP April 25, 1955] [Filed under LP Correspondence: (I: Individual Correspondence. (Ibers - Itano)), #181.1]
  • Letter from Dr. Vikram A. Sarabhai, Ahmedabad Textile Industry's Research Association, India, to LP RE: Encloses a copy of a letter which has been forwarded to Dr. E. U. Condon by Dr. Krishnan, along with a cover letter of his own. Requests that upon his return to Pasadena, LP write to Condon about his impression of Ahmedabad and the research being carried on there. Pleased to have met LP and AHP. [Letter from Sarabhai to Condon January 25, 1955, Letter from Condon to Sarabhai March 7, 1955] [Filed under LP Correspondence: (S: Correspondence, 1953-1956), #379.3]
  • Letter from Howard Pinckard to LP RE: Expresses gratitude for the great personal consideration that LP has shown Pinckard during his stay at Caltech. Hopes that through teaching he can turn his training to good account by acquainting young people with the opportunities for a scientific career. After LP's return, would welcome the chance to thank him personally. [Filed under LP Correspondence: (P: Correspondence, 1953-1959), #313.3]