"The Scientific Work of Linus Pauling" Page 1. January 17, 1955
"The Scientific Work of Linus Pauling" January 17, 1955. Page 1  Larger Images / More Information. 2 pp.

Travel: India

Activity Listings

  • Letter from Beatrice Wulf, Secretary to LP, to LP RE: Financial and business matters. Informs that Carraro (of the Gates and Crellin lab) had mental breakdown, broke into LP's house and has been taken to a mental sanitarium. Says it has been suggested he be sent home to Brazil. [Filed under LP Awards: 1954h2.16]
  • Letter from Beatrice Wulf, Secretary to LP, to Prof. S. Mizushima, University of Tokyo, RE: Mizushima's letter of December 24, 1954, including LP's European contact information and notification that she has written LP of requested lectures to be delivered in Japan. [Filed under LP Awards: 1954h2.14]
  • Letter from Blake Clark, Roving Editor, Reader's Digest, to LP RE: Describes the Reader's Digest section called "The Best Advice I Ever Had." Invites LP to contribute with an article to be submitted by February 15 for consideration for the May issue. Offers an honorarium of $750. Says he would be glad to talk with LP and put his responses into to paper if LP does not have time to write. [Letter from Wulf to Clark January 24, 1955] [Filed under LP Correspondence: (R: Organizational Correspondence. (Ra - Ro)), #339.2]
  • Letter from Chester M. McCloskey, Office of Naval Research Branch Office, to LP RE: Encloses a General Policy Statement to help in the submission of reports to the ONR. Status Reports are required annually for Contract Nonr-220(05) and are up-to-date at this point. [Filed under LP Science: (Office of Naval Research: Correspondence, Memoranda, Notes and Assorted Materials re: "The Structure and Properties of Proteins and Synthetic Polypeptides," Contract Nonr 220(05) (Chemistry 32), 1951-1963), Box #14.032, Folder #32.2]
  • Letter from David C. Crockett, Massachusetts General Hospital, to LP RE: Asks LP to disregard his earlier letter concerning the date for the meeting of the Scientific Advisory Committee. The date has been changed to December 2-3, 1955. Asks LP to notify him if this new date is inconvenient. [Filed under LP Science: Massachusetts General Hospital—Scientific Advisory Committee, 1949-1957: Box #15.008, Folder #8.7]
  • Letter from Dr. Alexander Rich, National Institute of Mental Health, National Institutes of Health, to Beatrice Wulf, Secretary to LP, RE: Requests the contribution number for a paper entitled, "The Use of the Senarmont Compensator for Measuring Double Refraction of Flow." [Letter from Wulf to Rich January 25, 1955] [Filed under LP Correspondence: (R: Individual Correspondence. (Reynolds - Riley)), #329.3]
  • Letter from Dr. Richard W. Lippman, Chairman, Scientific Advisory Council, National Nephrosis Foundation, Inc., to Beatrice Wulf, Secretary to LP, RE: Confirms March 25 as the date for the dinner honoring LP at the Beverly-Wilshire Hotel. Professor Beadle has agreed to be the principle speaker. [LP Science: (National Nephrosis Foundation, Inc., 1954-1958), Box #14.026, Folder #26.1]
  • Letter from Dr. Roland M. Whittaker, Chairman, Chemistry Dept., Queens College, to Dr. Fred Allen, Chemistry Dept., Purdue University, RE: Writes that he is organizing the schedule of speakers for the next NEACT Summer Conference. Would like LP to fill one of the remaining spots. Requests that Allen commit to a time slot, then surrender it later if LP is available. [LP Correspondence: Allen, Fred, 5.4]
  • Letter from George Riversf[?], Jr., to LP RE: Congratulates LP on winning for Nobel prize. [Filed under LP Biographical: (LP Scrapbooks, 1951-1955), Box #6.006, Folder #6.125]