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We collect in five main areas: the History of OSU, the History of Science, Natural Resources, Multiculturalism in Oregon and Rare Books. We also administer the university's Records Management Program.

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Why we love student collections — Alice Fisher’s school work, c. 1930

Another fabulous addition to the “student experience” collections we have in the archives at SCARC. A small group of things from Alice Fisher came in a couple of weeks ago, and though it is small it is mighty!

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OSU’s Black Cultural Center, Historical Records: 1974-1984

BCC Binder (the original is on the left and the display copy is on the right)
BCC Binder (the original is on the left and the display copy is on the right)

When new material comes to the OMA, it is always an interesting experience to assess the contents, organize it, and make it accessible. This is the case with the new material received from both the OSU Lonnie B. Harris Black Cultural Center (BCC) and the Memorial Union. The material from the BCC is all in a binder that includes materials from 1974 to 1980. Encompassed in its content are contracts, meeting minutes, inventory, correspondence, and position descriptions all pertaining to the Black Cultural Center. The material from the Memorial Union is a folder labeled “Black Cultural Center” that came as an addition to the Memorial Union Records collection (when the campus cultural centers were first established, they reported to the Memorial Union). The BCC folder includes subject matters such as vandalism, the establishment of the Asian Cultural Center, the BCC Lonnie B. Harris name change, the Black Youth of America, and BCC events ranging from 1974 to 1984.

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