"Statement by Professor Linus Pauling about Need for Research on Mental Retardation in the State of California." Page 1. March 9, 1964
"Statement by Professor Linus Pauling about Need for Research on Mental Retardation in the State of California." March 9, 1964. Page 1  Larger Images / More Information. 1 p.

Activity Listings

  • Check from AHP to Thomas Underwood RE: $100.00.  [Bank Statement from First Western Bank to LP and AHP March 20, 1964] [Filed under LP Biographical: Business and Financial: Box #4.028, Folder #28.1]
  • Handwritten letter from J. P. Morray to AHP, RE: Offers a new, more exciting title for his lecture on April 3rd: "Still on the Brink." Thanks AHP for offering to meet him. Plans to arrive by plane on Friday and return either Sunday or Monday. Would appreciate it if AHP would reserve a hotel room for him for Friday and Saturday night. [Filed under AHP Materials re: Peace and Women: (Materials re: First Unitarian Church of Los Angeles, 1963-1981, No Date), Box #4.008, Folder #8.4]
  • Handwritten note from Jo Ellen Root, Clarence Central Schools Senior High School, to LP RE: Explains that she is a 4th year Latin student and asks LP if he has ever studied Latin, and if so, what value he has gained from that study. Handwritten note in top, right corner: “Reply mailed 3/31/64.” [Filed under LP Correspondence (C: Correspondence, 1963-1965), #77.2]
  • Letter from AHP to Mrs. Elfriede Yost RE: Says that she would forward Elfriede's mail to her, but cannot guarantee all of it will be sent because they have three addresses at the moment. She says that Elfriede shouldn't be hurt by Linda asking her not to come. [Filed under LP Biographical: Personal and Family: Box #5.055, Folder #55.11]
  • Letter from Francis Heisler to LP RE: Explains that after contacting Howard McKissick, McKissick agreed to meet with LP regarding his desire to begin a libel suit in Nevada. Includes a good recommendation for McKissick and his contact information. [Letter from Heisler to LP, March 20, 1964] [Filed under LP Biographical: Legal: Pauling v. Anti-Communist League of York County, 1962-1965; Pauling v. Nevadans on Guard, 1963-1965: Box #3.021, Folder #21.9] 
  • Letter from John Raeburn Green, Green, Hennings, Henry, Evans & Arnold, Attorneys at Law, to Dr. Henry Allen Moe, bc. LP, RE: Discusses the possibility of needed Moe to testify late in the LP v. Globe-Democrat trial. [Letter from Moe to Green, March 10, 1964
  • Letter from LP to Rodger Hayward RE: Provides three copies of a contract and requests that LP sign them if he sees nothing wrong with them. [Filed under LP Books: 1964b3.4] 
  • Letter from Raymond L. Lee, Indiana State College, to LP. Re: Encloses a carbon copy of a letter to Professor Strauss-Hupe. Asks what his hotel arrangements will be. [Letter from Lee to Strauss-Hupe March 10, 1964] [Filed under LP Speeches: Speeches by LP, 1964: Box #1964s Folder #1964s.13]               
  • Press Release: “Intro to Dr. Linus Pauling”, The Steve Allen Show. [Filed under LP Biographical: Scrapbooks: Box #6.008 Folder #8.478]
  • Receipt from Boisen’s Paint Store RE: Total of $2.85 for window. [Note: Gerard Edwards March 31, 1964] [Filed under LP Biographical: Business and Financial: Box #4.061, Folder #61.1]