"Hair Molecules' Shape Debated." Page 1. December 30, 1951
"Hair Molecules' Shape Debated." December 30, 1951. Page 1  Larger Images / More Information. 1 p.

Activity Listings

  • Contract Status Report for N123s-57251 T.O. VI. [Filed under LP Science: (Office of Naval Research: Correspondence, Contract Status Reports and Project Status Reports, 1947-1962), Box #14.031, Folder #31.5]
  • Letter from A.L. Wirin, to Donald Mare, Lt. Colonel, USAF, Executive Officer of the Industrial Employment Review Board Munitions Board, cc: LP, RE: Acknowledges receipt of the Exhibits 44 and 49. [Letter from Mare to Wirin, December 20, 1951] [Filed under LP Personal Safe, Drawer #2, Folder #2.021]
  • Letter from LP to T. S. Wheeler, University College (Ireland), RE: Replies that he is correct and that the use of θ should be changed to correct the error. [Letters from Wheeler to LP, December 17, 1951 and January 24, 1952] [Filed under LP Correspondence: (W: Correspondence, 1951), #443.19]
  • Letter from William W. Winship, The Chemist’s Club, to LP, RE: Thanks him for his letter concerning the proposed use of the vitreosil and quartz glass for the construction of molds for casting metals. [Letter from Winship to LP, October 25, 1951] [Filed under LP Correspondence: (W: Correspondence, 1951), #443.19]
  • Newspaper Clipping: “Hair Molecules’ Shape Debated”, Baltimore (Maryland) Sun, December 31, 1951. [Filed under LP Biographical: Scrapbooks, 1951-1955: Box #6.006, Folder #6.16]