OSU's long-range planning document, "Preparing for the Future," published.

In December, Knute Buehler (Class of 1986, with a B.S. degree in microbiology and a minor in history) awarded a Rhodes Scholarship, becoming OSU's first Rhodes Scholar.

The OSU Outstanding Research Assistant Award established.

The OSU Herbert F. Frolander Graduate Teaching Assistant Award established.

OSU exceeded all universities in the United States in international development contract work with the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID).


Trysting Tree Golf Course (18-hole) dedicated.

Track and field (men's and women's) eliminated on March 29 as an intercollegiate sport in a budget cutting move.

Coastal Oregon Marine Experiment Station, located at the Hatfield Marine Science Center, opened in Newport; the nation's first marine experiment station.

Baccalaureate Core, new undergraduate curriculum and graduation requirements for OSU students, approved.

First graduate degrees authorized in the College of Liberal Arts; masters degree in Scientific and Technical Communication, and masters/doctorate degrees in Economics.

Dedication of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Building, financed by Oregon State Lottery funds. Later renamed Owen Hall.

OSU Distinguished Professor Award established.


OSU Portland Center opened January 9.

International exchange program with Kiev Polytechnical Institute in the Soviet Union initiated in September.

State Police begin providing law enforcement coverage for campus on November 15.

Trysting Tree Golf Club Dedication, 1988

Dedication of the Trysting Tree Golf Club, 1988

President John Byrne at campus Agricultural Day

President John Byrne at OSU Agricultural Day, 1989