First large number of settlers arrived in Oregon and Willamette Valley, having traveled over the Oregon Trail. A provisional government was formed at Champoeg, Oregon


Future site of "Corvallis" and "Oregon State University," near the confluence of the Willamette and Mary's Rivers, first settled by Joseph C. Avery in October and William F. Dixon in the spring of 1846.


Benton County was established on December 23. It originally encompassed 18,660 square miles, from the southern border of Polk County to the California line.


Oregon became a territory of the United States on August 14. (Abraham Lincoln was asked to be governor of the Territory of Oregon.)


Territorial Census in Oregon: 9,083.

"Champoeg, 1843" mural in mounted in the Oregon House of Representatives, State Capitol, Salem, Oregon

"Champoeg, 1843." Mural by Barry Faulkner mounted in the Oregon House of Representatives.

Map of 1847 Oregon Counties

Map of 1847 Oregon Counties