Professorship in Commerce established May 24.

The college received no annual appropriation; it only had the interest from the land grant fund.

No annual catalogue issued in an effort to cut expenses.

Enrollment: 163 at all levels.

Population in Corvallis: 1,128; in Benton County: 6,403; in Oregon: 174,768.


Name of institution – Corvallis Agricultural College.


State Grange initiated awarding a medal to the most outstanding graduate in agriculture.

Name of institution – Corvallis College and Oregon State Agricultural College.


Department of Agriculture established; first in the Pacific Northwest.

Edgar Grimm, B.S. (Class of 1880), became the first Professor of Agriculture in the Department of Agriculture in September.

Petition presented to Methodist Episcopal Church, South, to separate Corvallis College (the literary college) and the State Agricultural College.

The Board of Education of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, stated that the relationship between the literary college and the state agricultural college, as well as the relationship between the church and the state, should be continued.

First college newspaper, The Gem, published in February.

First intercollegiate athletic event held: a baseball game played against Monmouth Christian College in Monmouth.

Name of institution – Oregon State Agricultural College (as listed by the Budgeting and Finance Committee).


Agricultural College farm tendered to the State of Oregon by the Board of Trustees.

Corvallis College Building, 1880

Corvallis College Building, 1880

Black and white photograph of the 1883 Corvallis College faculty.

Corvallis College faculty, 1883