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"Jack Dunitz, after meeting Clara [Brink] in Holland and learning of her plans to come to my laboratory, is reported to have said to mutual acquaintances: 'I have just met Dave Shoemaker's future wife!' Well it took two years for Dave Shoemaker to get the picture, but Jack's perceptivity was vindicated when the wedding took place in 1955."

David Shoemaker, Crystallography in North America, 1983

David and Clara Shoemaker Papers, 1930-2000

Clara Shoemaker working in an Oregon State University chemistry laboratory, 1977.
David and Clara Shoemaker working in an x-ray laboratory at Oregon State University, 1983.
Linus Pauling and David Shoemaker in a Chemistry Department lecture hall, Oregon State University, 1983.
David and Clara Shoemaker, working on an X-ray Diffractonometer Computer at Oregon State University, 1983.
Model of the crystal structure and superstructure of the K Phase, Mn77Fe4Si19. Model built by Clara B. Shoemaker, David P.
				Shoemaker and Ted E. Hopkins.
Beevers/Lipson strips for Fourier summation - cosine set. Collection also includes sine set and analysis apparatus.

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MSS Shoemaker

The David and Clara Shoemaker Papers document the Shoemakers' professional output as noted x-ray crystallographers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Oregon State University. The collection includes correspondence, research notebooks and scholarly manuscripts, among other material types. David Shoemaker, a former student of Linus Pauling, served as chair of the OSU Chemistry department from 1970-1981.


David Powell Shoemaker, 1920-1995
by Verner Schomaker and Kenneth Hedberg. 1996. 5 pages.

Biographical Sketch of Clara Shoemaker
by Mary F. Singleton. July 10, 1998. 6 pages.

Timeline for David and Clara Shoemaker

Biographical Note: David Shoemaker  Biographical Note: Clara Shoemaker 

Content Description


39 linear feet; 78 boxes; 266 books


The Shoemaker Papers have been organized into seven series. Broadly speaking, the contents of each series have been arranged chronologically, although many items in Series 4 and Series 7 are arranged alphabetically.

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An oral history conducted with Clara Shoemaker is available at the Archives of Women in Science and Engineering, Special Collections Department, Iowa State University Library. WISE Archives: Oral History Collection.

The Shoemakers' relationship with Linus Pauling is also well-represented in the Ava Helen and Linus Pauling Papers, particularly in correspondence files 363.3 and 363.4.

The Special Collections & Archives Research Center's collections also include the Chemistry Department Records (RG 098), which document the research and graduate programs in chemistry at Oregon State primarily in the post-war period of the late 1940s to early 1960s.

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