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Ava Helen and Linus Pauling Papers, 1873-2013

04. Manuscripts and Typescripts of Speeches. 1921-1994, undated.

As with the Manuscripts and Typescripts of Articles series, this section is largely composed of manuscripts and typescripts of speeches written and delivered by Linus Pauling. Also included is correspondence relevant to the writing, delivery and/or publication of these speeches. Further materials illustrating the logistics of Pauling's travel to the location of a speech's delivery, including correspondence, itineraries and other notes, are included as well.

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Boxes 1960s2 - 1965s (Page: 41 - 50)

Speeches by Linus Pauling, 1960.
Transcript, Manuscript Notes, Correspondence, Ancillary Material: Continental Classroom, Lesson 155 -- Protein Structure and Biological Activity, ["Transcript of Continental Classroom lecture made from the dictaphone after recording on dictabelts by placing dictaphone microphone in front of amplifier for sound track for above film"] May 20, 1960.
Correspondence, Background Material: No Title, [re: the need to fight against militarism] Cleveland Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy, Cleveland, Ohio, May 30, 1960.
[LP also spoke at a physics colloquium at Western Reserve University earlier that day]
Correspondence, Ancillary Material: The World Must Now Choose Peace, Commencement Address, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Yeshiva University, New York, May 31, 1960.
Correspondence: No Title, Lecture to The Greater Boston Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy, June 15, 1960.
Poster: A Sane Nuclear Policy, Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire, June 16, 1960.
Manuscript Notes, Press Release: World Peace or World Chaos, National Meeting of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, Washington, D.C., June 18, 1960.
Manuscript Notes, Correspondence: Our Need for Peace and Disarmament, Walk and Rally for Disarmament, Pasadena, California, July 9, 1960.
Correspondence, Ancillary Material: Recording of Fallout and Nuclear Warfare, Verve Records, recorded July 10, 1960.
Correspondence: Why the World Must Achieve Total Disarmament, British Peace Committee, London, England, July 17, 1960.
Correspondence, Itinerary, Program: The Structure of Metals and Intermetallic Compounds, Institute of Metals, London, England, July 25, 1960.
Typescript, Correspondence: No Title, [re: humanism and nuclear policy] acceptance speech, Rationalist of the Year, American Rationalist Federation, Genoa City, Wisconsin, August 13, 1960.
[Pauling did not attend]
Typescripts, Correspondence, Background Material: The Resonating-Valence-Bond Theory of Metals, Fifth General Assembly and International Congress of the International Union of Crystallography, Cambridge, England, August 15, 1960.
Transcript, Correspondence, Ancillary Material: The Molecular Theory of Civilization by Linus Pauling, California Library Association, October 5, 1960.
Correspondence, Program: US Security and the Arms Race, National Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy, New York, October 14, 1960.

Speeches by Linus Pauling, 1960.
Partial Manuscript, Correspondence: Pauling on Peace, Student Peace Union, Chicago Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy, Illinois, October 17, 1960.
Correspondence, Itinerary: No Title, [re: medical advances in biochemistry] Pittsburgh Section of the American Chemical Society, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, October 20, 1960.
Correspondence: Science in the Modern World, Miami Independent Association Lectureship, Miami University, Florida, October 21, 1960.
Correspondence: The Structure of Electron Deficient Substances, Department of Chemistry, University of Rochester, Rochester, New York, October 22, 1960.
Correspondence, Background Material: Disarmament and World Peace, Independent Political Forum, University of Rochester, Rochester, New York, October 23, 1960.
Flyer: No Title, forum on nuclear war and disarmament, Greater New York Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy, New York, October 24, 1960.
Correspondence: Structures of Some Electron-Deficient Substances, School of Chemistry, Rutgers University, New Jersey, November 16, 1960.
Correspondence, Ancillary Material: Chemistry in Relation to Biology and Medicine and Causes of Aging and Death, Science Writers Conference, Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas, November 18, 1960.
Typescript, Correspondence, Notes, Ancillary Material: Civil Liberties in the Nuclear Age, American Civil Liberties Union, Colorado Chapter, Denver, Colorado, November 19, 1960.
Correspondence, Itinerary: The Electronic Structure of Electron-Deficient Substances, Chemistry Department Colloquium, Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri, November 21, 1960.
Correspondence, Itinerary: Peace and Freedom in the Nuclear Age, Platform for Peace, American Friends Service Committee, Seattle, Washington, December 2, 1960.
Program, Correspondence: Molecular Biology, Science Building Dedication, Western Washington State College, Bellingham, December 2, 1960.
Typescript, Correspondence, Program, Ancillary Material: No More War!, Council of the British Columbia Committee on Radiation Hazards, Vancouver, British Columbia, December 4, 1960.
[Extracts reprinted as "Linus Pauling Says No More War", SOS, Canadian Disarmament Bulletin, No. 5, January 1961]
Correspondence, Announcement: The Structure of Electron-Deficient Substances, San Gorgonio Section of the American Chemical Society, December 9, 1960.
Correspondence: No Title, [re: Pauling's observations from Senate hearings] Panel Discussion on "How Necessary is the Bill of Rights", Unitarian Church, Los Angeles, California, December 11, 1960.
Typescript, Correspondence, Notes, Program: Civil Liberties in the Advancement of Science, Celebration of the 169th Anniversary of the Ratification of the Bill of Rights, Emergency Civil Liberties Committee, New York, December 15, 1960.
Correspondence: Peace and Human Rights in the Nuclear Age, Great Neck South Junior High School, New York, December 16, 1960.
Correspondence, Itinerary, Ancillary Material: No Title, [re: working towards peace] Temple Israel, New York, December 17, 1960.
Correspondence: The Structure of Biological Polymers, Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn, New York, December 17, 1960.
Typescript: No Title, [re: nuclear testing, fallout shelters and the status of China] No Location, December 1960.
Typescript: No Title, [re: an explanation of nuclear fallout] No Location, 1960.
Correspondence: No Title, Lecture before the Unitarian Church, Los Angeles, [?] California, 1960.

Speeches by Linus Pauling, 1961.
Manuscript Notes: Peace -- the New Frontier, University of California, Berkeley, January 20, 1961.
Manuscript Notes, Ancillary Material: The Chemical Basis of Mental Disease, Berkeley Society for Mentally Disturbed Children, Berkeley, California, January 20, 1961.
Correspondence, Program: A Molecular Theory of General Anesthesia, Panel Discussion on the Theories of Narcosis, The Association of University Anesthetists, San Francisco, California, January 21, 1961.
Correspondence: Nuclear Giants and Ethical Infants, Southern California Ministers Convocation, Protestant Ministers of Southern California, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, January 24, 1961.
Correspondence, Background Material: Peace and Civil Rights, University of California, Santa Barbara, February 14, 1961.
Correspondence: Aging and Death, Faculty Club, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, February 17, 1961.
Correspondence: Pressures Toward Conformity, American Civil Liberties Union, Southern California Chapter, Los Angeles, March 4, 1961.
Correspondence, Flyer: Cessation of Nuclear Tests - Practical or Visionary?, Jewish Community Center and World Federalists, Long Beach, California, March 8, 1961.
Typescript, Correspondence, Notes, Program, Reprint: Humanism and Peace, Humanist of the Year Award, American Humanist Association, Cleveland, Ohio, March 17, 1961.
Manuscript Notes, Correspondence, Itinerary, Poster, Background Materials: Disarm or Die!, Toronto Committee for Disarmament, Toronto, Canada, March 19, 1961; Causes of Aging and Death, University of Toronto, March 20, 1961.
Abstract, Correspondence: Nitrogen-Nitrogen Triple Bond and Carbon-Carbon Triple Bond, Departmental Colloquium, Department of Chemistry, University of Toronto, Canada, March 20, 1961.
Program: The Resonating Valence Bond Theory of Metals, Conference on the Application of Modern Techniques to the Study of the Structure and Properties of Metals and Alloys, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, March 23, 1961.
Correspondence, Program, Background Material: The Prospects for Peace and Freedom, Fourth Annual Forum on Public Issues, Sacramento State College, Sacramento, California, April 3, 1961.
Manuscript Notes, Correspondence: A Molecular Theory of General Anesthesia, Hawaiian Section of the American Chemical Society, University of Hawaii, Manoa [?], April 5, 1961.
Manuscript Notes, Typescript, Correspondence: Prospects for Peace and Freedom, International Longshoremen's and Warehousemen's Union, Fourteenth Biennial Convention, Honolulu, Hawaii, April 6, 1961.
Manuscript Notes, Correspondence: Ethical Principles in the Nuclear Age, Sermon at the Unitarian Church of Honolulu, Hawaii, April 9, 1961.
Correspondence: The Structure of Electron Deficient Substances, Washington Section of the American Chemical Society, Washington, D.C., April 13, 1961.
Correspondence, Program: The Goal of General and Complete Disarmament, Spring Conference on "The Challenge of the Nuclear Age", Associated Students of Stanford University, Palo Alto, California, April 15, 1961.
Manuscript: No Title, [re: U.S. policy toward the Batista regime] Committee for Fair Play for Cuba, San Francisco, California, April 19, 1961.
Correspondence, Itinerary: Science and the Necessity of General and Complete Disarmament, Spring Colloqium, American Whig-Cliosophic Society, Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey, April 20, 1961.
Correspondence, Flyer, Itinerary: La Paix et la Raison, Union Rationaliste, Université de Montpellier, France, April 25, 1961.

Speeches by Linus Pauling, 1961.
Manuscript, Typescript, Itinerary: Opening Address, Conference Against the Spread of Nuclear Weapons, Oslo, Norway, May 2, 1961.
Manuscript: The Conference Against the Spread of Nuclear Weapons, University of Oslo, Oslo, Norway, May 7, 1961.
Manuscript, Correspondence, Flyer, Background Materials: The Oslo Conference, Conference of Greater New York Peace Groups, Carnegie Hall, New York, May 12, 1961.
Manuscript Notes, Correspondence, Progress Report: Report on the Oslo Conference, Carnegie World Affairs Lecture, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, May 17, 1961.
Correspondence: No Title, Los Angeles State College, California, May 26, 1961.
Manuscript Notes, Typescript, Notice, Flyer: The Goal of General and Complete Disarmament, Boston Committee for Disarmament and Peace, Boston, Massachusetts, June 3, 1961.
Manuscript, Typescript, Correspondence, Notes, Itinerary, Background Material: The Genesis of Ideas, Third World Congress of Psychiatry, Montreal, Canada, June 7, 1961.
Manuscript, Correspondence, Background Materials: Progress Toward World Peace, meeting of the Montreal Committee for the Control of Radiation Hazards, Montreal, Canada, June 9, 1961.
Correspondence: Progress Towards World Peace, meeting of the Ottawa Committee for the Control of Radiation Hazards, Ottawa, Canada, June 10, 1961.
Abstract, Correspondence: The Biochemical Aspects of Phenylketonuria, American Public Health Association, San Diego, California, June 26, 1961.
Manuscript, Correspondence: The Neutron Bomb, Fresno, California, June 28, 1961.
Correspondence: The Goal of General and Complete Disarmament, Fresno State College, California, June 28, 1961.
Typescript, Notes, Flyer: The Time Has Now Come When We Must Rid the World of the Great Immorality of War, Hiroshima Day Address, Los Angeles Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy, Los Angeles, California, August 6, 1961.

Speeches by Linus Pauling, 1961.
Typescript, Ancillary Material: No Title, [re: the peace proposals of Edouard le Ghait] First Unitarian Church, Los Angeles, California, August 13, 1961.
[Rebroadcast by KPFK-FM, August 19, 1961]
Correspondence, Itinerary, Press Release, Program, Ancillary Material: World Progress Toward Peace and Disarmament or The Oslo Conference Against the Spread of Nuclear Weapons, Bucks County World Peace Fair, September 9, 1961.
Typescripts, Correspondence, Invitation, Ancillary Material: We Must Achieve Disarmament and Permanent Peace, [English and German], German Branch of War Registers' International, Hamburg, West Germany, September 13, 1961; Frankfurt, West Germany, September 13, 1961; Essen, West Germany, September 14, 1961.
Manuscript, Flyer: Ich bin froh sie zu, Bottrop, West Germany, September 14, 1961.
Typescript, Correspondence, Flyer, Press Releases, Background Material: End the Tests, Los Angeles Labor Forum, Los Angeles, California, September 30, 1961.
Manuscript Notes, Correspondence, Program: The Nature of the Antigen-Antibody Complex, Kaiser Foundation Fifth Annual Symposium, San Francisco, California, October 6, 1961.
Correspondence: Why We Must Have Peace, San Jose, California, October 8, 1961.
Correspondence: The Goal of General and Complete Disarmament, St. Paul's Methodist Church, San Bernardino, California, October 15, 1961.
Program: The Goal of General and Complete Disarmament, Whittier College Annual Symposium -- The Arms Race, First Friends Church, Whittier, California, October 17, 1961.
Correspondence, Flyer, Press Release: No Title, Peace March and Rally for Peace, Los Angeles, California, October 21, 1961.
Notes, Correspondence, Background Material: Science in the Modern World, Foothill College, Los Altos Hills, California, October 27, 1961.
Advertisement: Your Job - Disarmament and Survival, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, November 8, 1961.
Correspondence, Program: No Title, Panel Discussion on Memory, [LP with Francis Schmitt, Ralph Gerard, Hans-Lukas Teuber, Stephen Warshall and Edwin Weinstein] American Psychiatric Association conference entitled "Mind and Molecule", New York, November 10, 1961.
Manuscript Notes, Typescript, Correspondence, Program: The Significance of the Bomb-Test Negotiations, Ford Hall Forum, Boston, Massachusetts, November 12, 1961.
Correspondence: Science and World Affairs and Abnormal Molecules in Relation to Disease, Amherst College, Amherst, Massachusetts, November 15-16, 1961.
Manuscript, Correspondence, Notes, Itinerary, Ancillary Material: World Cooperation of Scientists, U.S.S.R. Academy of Science, 250th Anniversary of the Birthday of M. V. Lomonosov, Leningrad, USSR, November 24, 1961.
Notes: Resonance in Chemistry, Institute for Organic Chemistry of the Soviet Academy of Sciences, Moscow, USSR, December 3, 1961.
Manuscript Notes: Theory of Antiferromagnetism, Institute for Physical Problems, Moscow, USSR, December 6, 1961.

Speeches by Linus Pauling, 1962.
Manuscript, Correspondence, Itinerary: The Impact of Science on Man of Today and Man of the Future, Opening Address, Seventh Summer School, University of Concepción, Chile, January 15, 1962.
Manuscript, Correspondence, Itinerary: Speech of Thanks, University of Concepción, Chile, January 19, 1962.
Typescript, Correspondence, Program: The Molecular Basis of Genetic Defects, First Inter-American Conference on Congenital Defects, Los Angeles, California, January 22, 1962.
Manuscript Notes, Correspondence, Itinerary: The Impact of Science on Man of The Present and the Future, Forum, Utah State University, February 5, 1962.
Typescripts, Program, Correspondence, Itinerary, Notes: Chemistry of Mental Disease, University of California School of Medicine, San Francisco, California, February 13, 1962.
Notes: No Title, [re: nuclear weapons tests and disarmament] London, February 18, 1962.
Correspondence, Background Material: No Title, [re: nuclear weapons tests and disarmament] Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia, March 7, 1962.
Correspondence, Background Material: No Title, [re: nuclear weapons tests and disarmament] Madison Peace Center, Madison, Wisconsin, March 18, 1962.
Itinerary: Every Test Kills, Manchester College, North Manchester, Indiana, March 22, 1962.
Correspondence, Background Material: The Nature of Nuclear Weapons and the Need for Disarmament, Graduate Student Association, University of California, Berkeley, March 29, 1962.
Correspondence: The Nature of Nuclear War and the Need for Disarmament, Associated Students of Pomona College, Claremont, California, April 5, 1962.
Correspondence, Itinerary: Steps Toward World Peace, San Jose City College, San Jose, California, April 12, 1962.
Correspondence, Itinerary, Abstract, Ancillary Material: The Need for Disarmament, City Club of Portland, Portland, Oregon, May 4, 1962.
[Includes Typescript: Linus Pauling in Portland, by David Hershel Reed]
Correspondence: A Molecular Theory of General Anesthesia, Research Conference in Chemistry, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, May 25, 1962.
Correspondence, Program: No Title, Women for Legislative Action Peace Awards Luncheon, Los Angeles, California, June 16, 1962.
Manuscript Notes, Correspondence, Abstract, Itinerary: Mechanisms of Anaesthesia, XXII International Congress of Physiological Sciences, Leiden, Holland, September 12, 1962.
Correspondence, Flyer, Program: No Title, [re: LP's sponsorship of the World Council of Peace] Whittier Area Turn Toward Peace Council, Whittier, California, September 22, 1962.
Correspondence: Molecules, Evolution and Disease, William Lloyd Evans Memorial Lecture, Ohio State University, Colombus, Ohio, October 26, 1962.
Manuscript Notes, Correspondence, Program: The Bomb Test Controversy and World Peace, The Issue of the Day -- World Peace, The Business and Professional Associates of the American Jewish Congress, New York, November 1, 1962.
Typescript, Correspondence: No Title, [re: mistakes of the Cuban missile crisis] Gandhi Peace Award, Promoting Enduring Peace, Inc., New York, November 1, 1962.
Pauling and Non-Pauling Typescripts, Correspondence, Program, Proceedings, Press Release: The Molecular Nature of Mental Disease, Manfred Sakel Dinner, Second International Conference for Biological Research and Treatment of Mental Illness, New York Academy of Medicine, New York, November 2, 1962.
Correspondence: No Title [re: molecular theory of general anesthesia], Arden House Conference, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, November 3, 1962.
Typescript, Manuscript Notes, Correspondence: Molecular Disease and Evolution, Rudolf Virchow Lecture, Columbia University, New York, November 5, 1962.
Proceedings: Hemoglobin, Evolution and Molecular Disease, Conference on Hemoglobin, sponsored by the Columbia University Department of Medicine, Harriman, New York, November 6, 1962.
Correspondence, Notes: No Title, [re: the relation of science and peace] Committee for Informed Opinion on Nuclear Arms, Columbia, Missouri, November 28, 1962.
Typescript, Correspondence: The Cultural Significance of Science, Summary of Convocation Address, University of Missouri, Columbia, November 29, 1962.
Correspondence, Program, Notes, Itinerary: General Chemistry, Symposium on Chemical Education, American Chemical Society Regional Meeting for the Southwest, Dallas, Texas, December 7, 1962.
Abstract, Notes: Scientific Factors Bearing on World Problems, Address before the California State Psychological Association Convention, No Location, December 14, 1962.

Speeches by Linus Pauling, 1963.
Manuscript: No Title, [re: formation of the World Committee for Disarmament and Peace] delivered at the Oxford Conference, January 7, 1963.
Correspondence, Schedule: Molecular Disease and Evolution, Modesto Junior College, Modesto, California, February 5, 1963.
Manuscript Notes, Ancillary Material: Introduction of Lewis John Collins, First Unitarian Church, Los Angeles, California, February 17, 1963.
Manuscript Notes, Itinerary, Introduction: The Problem of Achieving Peace and Disarmament, American Friends Service Committee, Eugene, Oregon, March 10, 1963.
Correspondence, Background Material: Science and the Future of Humanity, Pacific University, Forest Grove, Oregon, March 14, 1963.
Flyer, Itinerary, Biography: Science and the Future of Humanity, American Friends Service Committee, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, Michigan, March 19, 1963.
Correspondence, Background Material: No Title, [re: research in protein biochemistry] Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan, March 21, 1963.
Correspondence, Press Release: No Title, [re: nuclear weapons tests and disarmament] Detroit Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy, Detroit, Michigan, March 21, 1963.
Correspondence, Background Material: The Problem of Achieving Peace and Disarmament, Bluffton College, Bluffton, Ohio, March 22, 1963.
Correspondence, Flyer: Problems of Peace and Disarmament, Unitarian Society of Cleveland, Ohio, March 23, 1963.
Poster: The Cultural Significance of Science, Wooster College, Wooster, Ohio, March 25, 1963.
Correspondence, Notes, Reprint, Introduction: The Hydrate Microcrystal Theory of General Anesthesia, Baxter Lecture, International Anesthesia Research Society, Miami, Florida, March 27, 1963.
Manuscript Notes, Itinerary: The Reasons for Achieving Disarmament By International Agreement, Hamilton College, Clinton, New York, May 2, 1963.
Correspondence, Programs, Ancillary Material: No Title, Nobel Hall of Science Dedication, Gustavus Adolphus College, St. Peter, Minnesota, May 5, 1963.
Flyer, Announcement: Steps Toward Disarmament and World Peace, First Unitarian Society, Minneapolis, Minnesota, May 5, 1963.
Correspondence, Flyer: A One-Electron-Bond Theory of Antiferromagnetism, Phi Lambda Upsilon Lecture, University of California, Los Angeles, May 15, 1963.
Correspondence: No Title, [re: moral aspects of national defense policy] Loyola Forum for National Affairs, Loyola University, Los Angeles, California, June 20, 1963.
Manuscript Notes: The Morality of Nations, First Unitarian Church of Los Angeles, California, July 21, 1963.
Abstract, Correspondence: The Molecular Basis of Sickle-cell Anemia and Other Diseases, Scientific Assembly of the National Medical Association, Los Angeles, California, August 13, 1963.
Correspondence, Notes, Introduction, Background Material: No Title, [re: "In defense of citizen's liberties against repressive decrees"] Buenos Aires, Argentina, August 22, 1963.
Pauling and Non-Pauling Typescripts, Correspondence: Response by Linus Pauling, Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony, Oslo, Norway, December 10, 1963.
[see also 1963h2.8]
Typescript, Notes, Reprint: Science and Peace, Nobel Lecture, Oslo, Norway, December 11, 1963.
Manuscript Notes, Correspondence: Humanism and Peace, Nurmann Lecture, Trondheim, Norway, December 16, 1963.
Notes: No Title, [re: nations and morality; armament for peace] Stockholm, Sweden, December 19, 1963.
Poster: Next Steps Toward Peace, Lund University, Lund, Sweden, December 21, 1963.

Speeches by Linus Pauling, 1964.
Manuscript, Typescript, Correspondence, Program, Ancillary Material: Further Steps Toward Peace, Copenhagen, Denmark, January 3, 1964.
Correspondence, Program, Press Release: No Title, [re: cessation of nuclear testing] Main Address, "A Tribute to Dr. Linus Pauling on his return from Oslo following acceptance of the 1962 Nobel Prize for Peace", sponsored by The Minority of One, New York, January 8, 1964.
Flyer, Ancillary Material: No Title, A Tribute to Linus Pauling on his return from Oslo following the Nobel Award ceremony, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, January 9, 1964.
Correspondence, Announcement, Flyer: The Next Step, Women Strike for Peace, Los Angeles, California, January 17, 1964.
Correspondence: Further Steps Toward Peace, Hollywood High School, Reseda, California, January 17, 1964.
Program: What Next?, The Foothill Society for Ethical Culture, American Ethical Union, Pasadena, California, January 19, 1964.
Correspondence: Nuclear Weapons and Problems of Disarmament, Phi Delta Epsilon Graduate Medical Clubs, Los Angeles, California, January 21, 1964.
Correspondence, Program, Newsletter: Next Step Toward Peace, Humanitarian Award Acceptance Speech, Conference of Jewish Women's Organizations to Unite-to-Strengthen-to-Coordinate, Los Angeles, California, January 23, 1964.
Correspondence, Program, Introduction: No Title, An International Tribute through the Arts, Federation of Jewish Philanthropies of New York, January 27, 1964.
Correspondence, Brochure: The Problem of Achieving Peace and Disarmament, Monterey Peninsula College, Monterey, California, January 31, 1964.
Correspondence, Background Material: No Title, [re: nuclear weapons and disarmament] California State Polytechnic College, Pomona, February 13, 1964.
Correspondence: No Title, Visiting Scholars Lecture, Virginia Polytechnic Institute, Blacksburg, Virginia, April 2-3, 1964.
Manuscript Notes, Audience Questions, Correspondence, Program, Itinerary: Next Steps Toward Peace, Public Affairs Forum, University of Indiana at Pennsylvania, April 7, 1964.
Correspondence, Program, Schedule, Poster: Science and World Affairs, San Jose State College, California, April 16, 1964.
Correspondence, Background Material: War and Peace, University of Judaism, Los Angeles, California, April 27, 1964.
Correspondence, Introduction, Flyer, Poster: Mental Deficiency & Brain Chemistry, [with George Tarjan and Stanley W. Wright; moderated by Ava Helen Pauling] First Unitarian Church, Los Angeles, California, May 1, 1964.
Correspondence, Reprint, Background Material: Abnormal Hemoglobin Molecules and Molecular Disease, Congress of the Centenary of the National Academy of Medicine, Mexico, May 6, 1964.
Correspondence, Background Material, Typescript Fragment: Molecules and Evolution, Escuela Nacional de Anthropologia e Historia, Mexico City, May 7, 1964.
Correspondence: A Molecular Theory of General Anesthesia, Informal Discussion before the Academy of Medicine, Sociedad Mexicana de Bioquimica, Mexico, May 8, 1964.
Correspondence, Pamphlet: Mental Deficiency and Brain Chemistry, Ware Lecture, General Assembly of the Unitarian Universalist Association, San Francisco, California, May 12, 1964.
Correspondence, Background Material: Science and World Problems, Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona, May 15, 1964.
Correspondence: The Molecular Basis of General Anesthesia, Meeting of the Guedel Association, Newport Beach, California, June 14, 1964.
Manuscript Notes, Correspondence, Flyer: Formation Scientifique et Résponsibilites Sociales, UNESCO, Paris, France, June 19, 1964.
Typescript, Correspondence, Program, Posters, Ancillary Material: Transcription of The Structure of Molecules in Relation to Medical Problems, [originally titled Molecular Disease and Anesthesia, as well as other Problems] 14 Nobelpreisträgertagung - V. Tagung der Chemiker, Lindau, West Germany, June 22, 1964.
Typescripts, Correspondence, Itinerary, Press Release, Ancillary Material: Wissenschaft und Weltfrieden, [Science and Peace] June 27 - July 7, 1964.
[Lecture tour of Germany: given in Munich, Lïnza, Köhn, Bonn, Hamburg, Brenner, Hannover, Essen, Gladbeck, Frankfurt, Ulm and Leipzig]

Speeches by Linus Pauling, 1964.
Typescript, Correspondence: Für eine Welt ohne Waffen und Krieg, Karl Marx College, Leipzig University, Leipzig, East Germany, July 7, 1964.
Program: Evolutionary Divergence and Convergence at the Level of Informational Macromolecules, [with Emile Zuckerkandl] Symposium on Evolving Genes and Proteins, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey, September 17, 1964.
Correspondence, Program: No Title, Luncheon Address, Fourth Annual Symposium on Kidney Disease, Southern California Kidney Foundation, Los Angeles, California, September 23, 1964.
Correspondence: Molecular Theory of General Anaesthesia, University of Queensland Chemical Society, Brisbane, Australia, October 16, 1964.
Correspondence, Brochure, Background Material: Humanism and Peace, New South Wales Humanist Society, Sydney, Australia, October 25-30, 1964.
Programs: The Threat of Nuclear and Biological War, Australian Congress for International Cooperation and Disarmament, Sydney, Australia, October 27, 1964.
Correspondence: No Title, [re: humanism and science and "No More War!"] Sydney University Humanist Society, Sydney, Australia, October-November 1964.
Manuscript Notes, Correspondence, Announcement: The Significance of Science to World Affairs, Annual Lecture, Australian National University Research Students' Association, Canberra, Australia, November 4, 1964.
Correspondence, Program, Flyer: No Title, Public Rally of Congress for International Cooperation and Disarmament, [with Ava Helen Pauling, Omolo Agar, Frank Boaten, Shinzo Hamai, and Jacques Madaule] Melbourne, Australia, November 5, 1964.
Program: No Title, [re: economic and scientific alternatives to the arms race] Introductory Remarks, Citizens Conference, South Melbourne, Australia, November 9, 1964.
Correspondence: Molecular Structure, Molecular Disease and Evolution, Royal Australian Chemical Institute, Sydney, Australia, November 13, 1964.
Transcript, Correspondence, Program, Background Material: Man's Striving for Peace, Barnett R. Brickner Memorial Lecture, Cleveland, Ohio, November 18, 1964.
Correspondence, Program, Itinerary, Flyer, Ancillary Material: The Significance of Science in the World of Today and Tomorrow and Progress Toward Peace and Disarmament, Convocation Series, Augsburg College, Minneapolis, Minnesota, November 20, 1964.
Manuscript Notes, Correspondence: No Title, [re: molecular medicine and anesthesia] Eliasberg Memorial Lecture, New York, November 23, 1964.
Correspondence, Press Release, Flyer, Newspaper Clipping: Molecular Diseases and Evolution, Annie Talbot Cole Lecture, Bowdoin College, Brunswick, Maine, November 24, 1964.

Speeches by Linus Pauling, 1965.
Announcement, Program: America and China, Big Sur Hot Springs Seminar, sponsored by Esalen Institute, Big Sur, California, January 29-31, 1965.
Correspondence, Newspaper Clipping: Further Steps Toward Peace, Santa Barbara Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy, Santa Barbara, California, February 10, 1965.
Manuscript, Typescript, Correspondence, Program, Notes, Background Material: No Title, [re: remarks on "The Requirement of Peace: the Nature of the Problem"] Pacem in Terris Convocation, New York, February 18, 1965.
Correspondence, Background Material: No Title, [re: Pacem in Terris Convocation] Unitarian Universalist Fellowship for Social Justice, Los Angeles, California, April 11, 1965.
Correspondence, Program: Molecules and the Nature of Man, Third Annual Honors Day, Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, Texas, April 29, 1965.
Correspondence: No Title, American Society for Clinical Investigation, Atlantic City, New Jersey, May 3, 1965.
Typescript, Correspondence, Program: Science, Freedom and Responsibility in Our World Today and Molecular Disease and Evolution, Comenius Lecture Series, Moravian College, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, May 4, 1965.
Correspondence: Report on the Pacem in Terris Conference, Goleta Valley Junior High School, Goleta, California, May 17, 1965.
Correspondence, Program, Itinerary, Announcement: Molecular Disease, Medical Bicentennial Observance, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, May 21, 1965.
Manuscript Notes, Correspondence, Newsletter: Science and World Problems, Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Fraternity, University of Pennsylvania Medical School, Philadelphia, May 24, 1965.
Correspondence, Notes, Program: No Title, Herman F. Mark Symposium, Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn, New York, May 27, 1965.
Manuscript Notes, Typescript, Correspondence, Program, Ancillary Material: Morality, Unitarianism, and Peace, First Joseph Workman Lecture, Toronto, Canada, September 11, 1965.
Correspondence, Itinerary, Poster: Science and World Problems, Graduate Student Convocation, State University of New York, Buffalo, New York, September 13, 1965; A Molecular Theory of General Anesthesia, Roswell Park Memorial Institute, Buffalo, New York, September 13, 1965.
Correspondence, Ancillary Material: Molecules, Disease and Evolution and Why the War in Vietnam Must Be Stopped, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada, October 8, 1965.
Correspondence, Newspaper Clipping: Hemoglobin Molecules in Relation to Disease and Evolution, University of Victoria, Canada, October 9, 1965.
Program: The Close-Packed-Spheron Theory of the Structure of Nuclei and the Mechanism of Nuclear Fission, National Academy of Sciences Autumn Meeting, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington, October 11, 1965.
Correspondence, Ancillary Material: Science and Peace, Program on "The Forces of Change", Pitzer College, Claremont, California, October 19, 1965.
Correspondence, Program: Molecular Medicine, Glendale Medical Forum, Glendale, California, November 14, 1965.
Manuscript: No Title, [re: the importance of teaching science and remembering humanity] Pugwash Address, December 1965.