Letter from Linus Pauling to Lucile Jenkins. Page 1. November 21, 1962
Letter from Linus Pauling to Lucile Jenkins. November 21, 1962. Page 1  Larger Images / More Information. 1 p.  View Transcript

Activity Listings

  • Letter from George Wald to LP RE: Asks if LP would consider coming to Harvard as visiting professor in biology to give lectures in Wald’s introductory biology classes that he will miss due to being on sabbatical. Explains the program of the class. Handwritten note indicates that LP said no over the phone. [Filed under LP Correspondence, W: Individual Correspondence (Wald - Washburn) Box 431, Folder 431.1] 
  • Letter from Jerome Davis, Promoting Enduring Peace, Inc., to LP. RE: Thanks him for his cooperation at the Gandhi Peace Award. Informs him that the ceremony was broadcasted over the radio all over the nation. Asks if he would like to contribute a chapter for his book. [Letter from LP December 1, 1962] [Filed under LP Speeches: (Speeches by LP, 1962) Box #1962s Folder #1962s.20]                       
  • Letter from John J. Banewicz, Southern Methodist University. RE: Informs him of the final plans for the symposium on Chemical Education. [Filed under LP Speeches: Speeches by LP, 1962: Box # 1962s Folder #1962s.27] 
  • Letter from John Marica, to Voters for Peace. RE: Was happy to see the Pauling ad in the Times. Would like to know more about the group. [Filed under LP Biographical: Scrapbooks: Box #6.008 Folder #8.353]
  • Letter from John Raeburn Green, to LP. RE: Thinks his suggestion about interviewing the possible relatives in St. Louis is excellent. [Filed under LP Biographical: Correspondence re: Pauling v. Globe-Democrat Publishing Company, 1962: Box # 3.003 Folder # 3.3] 
  • Letter from Lee J. Zukor to LP RE: Asks if LP would be able to write on article on blood from the polymer perspective for the Encyclopedia of Polymer and Plastics that will be released in 1963. [Letter from LP to Zukor November 29, 1962] [Filed under LP Correspondence, E: Correspondence, 1960-1969 Box 113 Folder 113.3] 
  • Letter from Leon Svirsky to LP RE: Discusses a book LP reviewed and the sales of the new edition of The Nature of the Chemical Bond. Asks LP if he has reached a stage in his research on the chemical aspects of mental illness and retardation to publish a book discussing his approach and findings generated so far. Says that Basic Books would be a suitable publisher. [Letter from LP to Svirsky December 5, 1962] [Filed under LP Correspondence, B: Individual Correspondence, 1962-1964 Box 40 Folder 40.1]
  • Letter from Lewis C. Green, to LP. RE: Keeps his deposition in St. Louis for him to examine. Hopes he will spend time with them approaching the character witnesses. [Filed under LP Biographical: Correspondence re: Pauling v. Globe-Democrat Publishing Company, 1962: Box # 3.003 Folder # 3.3] 
  • Letter from Lois Gardner, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists to LP RE: Encloses an advance copy of Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists with LP’s published article “Genetic Effects of Weapon Tests” and encloses 50 tear sheets of his article. Encloses an order form for additional reprint orders. Handwritten note attached [LP’s?] asking: “Can we do better than this?” [Filed under LP Manuscripts of Articles: (Manuscripts and Typescripts of Articles by LP, 1962), Box #1962a3, Folder #1962a3.1]
  • Note [handwritten] from Margaret Russell to AHP, RE: Informs AHP of new volunteer and expresses that AHP’s letter to H. Tucker was successful as Frances is now part of the Women’s International Liaison Committee.  Also mentions presence at the Oslo Conference. [Filed under AHP Correspondence: (Russell, Ralph and Margaret, 1961-1966), Box #1.006, Folder 6.13]
  • Statement: “County of Los Angeles.”  Tax bill information for LP and AHP. [Filed under LP Biographical: Business and Financial: Box #4.002, Folder #2.9]