"The Scientific Outlook on Life." Page 1. June 11, 1953
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Travel: Cincinnati, OH

Activity Listings

  • AHP writes cheque to: Mary Brown amount: $25.00 [Filed under LP Biographical: Box #4.022, Folder #1]
  • Itinerary: Leather Chemists Association, Cincinnati [Filed under LP Travel: Box #1.001 Folder 1.10]
  • LP gives Part 2 of Final Exam in his Chemistry 20 class at Caltech. The class was entitled Electric and Magnetic Properties of Molecules. [Filed under LP Biographical: Box 1.014, Folder 14.7]
  • Letter from Dorothy Snavely, Unitarian Service Committee, to LP RE: confirming that the February 12, 1953 outline of his trip to Germany was acceptable. Also has questions pertaining to the financial aspects of the trip. [Reply from LP to Snavely June 12, 1953]. [Filed under LP Peace: Box 4.001, Folder 1.3]
  • Letter from Henry Allen Moe, Guggenheim Memorial Foundation, to LP RE: Asks LP for his opinion regarding the proposed offering of a fellowship to Dr. John T. Edsall. [Reply from LP to Moe June 13, 1953]. [Filed under LP Science: Box 14.015, Folder 15.1].
  • Letter from J.C. Burkill, Tutor, Peterhouse, Cambridge, to LP RE: Writes in criticism of Peter Pauling. States that he frequently arrives back at Peterhouse after midnight and is messy. Continues by indicating that his scientific work is improving, yet is not up to standards as of yet. He speaks of Kendrew being frustrated with Peter, and then asks for LP's assistance. [Handwritten notes on back by LP: state a plan of action in dealing with Peter. It involves a visit to Cambridge, the options of cutting him off financially, and continued contact with his advisors.] [Filed under LP Safe: Box 2.038, Folder 38.1 and Folder 38.2]
  • Letter from LP to Dr. E. E. Gruber of the General Tire and Rubber Company RE: writes that he was pleased to receive his letter and invitation to speak at the Akron Polymer Lecture on the subject of proteins. Has thought over the invitation and decided to decline the invitation due to an upcoming trip to India which makes his future plans quite full already. [Letter from Dr. Gruber to LP June 1, 1953] [letter of response from Dr. Gruber to LP June 24, 1953] [Filed under G: Correspondence 1953, Box #140, Folder #17]
  • Letter from LP to Dr. Elias L. Stern RE: Comments on the manuscripts that Dr. Stern sent him. Unfortunately his own field of work is far from Dr. Stern's and so his opinions are not so weighty. Goes on with his comments about Dr. Stern's paper on antigens. [Letter from Dr. Stern to LP May 25, 1953] [Filed under LP Correspondence: Box #379, Folder #1].
  • Letter from LP to Dr. Henry B. Richardson RE: In response to Dr. Richardson's letter, LP says that it reached him too late for him to take any action in the matter mentioned, however he is interested to know how the matter of the four members of the faculty of Harvard University went. [Letter from Dr. Richardson to LP May 12, 1953, letter of response from Dr. Richardson to LP June 16, 1953] [Filed under LP Correspondence: Box #340, Folder #18].
  • Letter from LP to Dr. Karl Herstein RE: Was pleased to hear from Dr. Herstein. Agrees with his opinion that the book Structural Chemistry of Inorganic Compounds is a disappointment. However, he feels Germany in general is behind the times in the field. Also, the translator did a poor job. Goes on to describe his next travel plans to Germany, Sweden and Denmark. [Letter from Dr. Herstein to LP June 3, 1953] [Filed under H: Correspondence 1953, Box #166, Folder #4]
  • Letter from LP to H.H. Weber, Physiologisches Institut, RE: Answers 3 questions contained in a previous letter from Weber. Karush will not be able to travel with LP, AHP, and PP. Also asks Weber to make specific hotel arrangements for him and his family. [In reply to June 5, 1953 letter from Weber to LP]. [Filed under LP Peace: Box 4.001, Folder 1.3]
  • Letter from LP to Jean Sanford, W.H. Freeman and Company, RE: Discusses editing concerns regarding figures being included in the second edition of General Chemistry. [In reply to May 19, 1953 letter from Sanford to LP]. [Filed under LP Books: Box 1953b, Folder 1953b.1].
  • Letter from LP to Lewis Pino, RE: LP thinks that he will be able to arrange to come speak to the Allegheny College during the coming school year. LP suggests some time in November as he plans to be in the east at that time. AHP will accompany him on this trip. LP asks if he can postpone a definite decision until later. [Pino’s letter May 29, 1953] [Pino’s reply June 19, 1953] [Filed under LP Speeches: (Speeches by Linus Pauling, 1953), Box 1953s, Folder 1953s.16]
  • Letter from LP to Prof. Raymond E. Kirk, Dean of the graduate school of Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn RE: in response to Prof. Kirk's request, LP comments on a student from Caltech who is applying for graduate school at the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn. [Letter from Prof. Raymond E. Kirk to LP June 2, 1953] [Filed under K: Correspondence 1953, Box #200, Folder #18]
  • Letter from LP to Prof. Robert J. Havighurst of the U of Chicago RE: writes that he would like information from the Committee of Peaceful Alternatives, as he is still an officer and still interested. In particular, he is interested in information about the results of correspondence with Joliot-Curie who made accusations of bacteriological warfare having been carried out. Goes on to describe his Summer travel plans. [Filed under H: Correspondence 1953, Box #166, Folder #4]
  • Letter from Lewis W. Douglas, President, The Academy of Political Science, to LP RE: an invitation to join The Academy of Political Science. [Note on enclosed pamphlet: "Joined 19 June 1952"].
  • Memo from LP to staff of Division of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering RE: June 10, 1953 staff meeting announced.
  • Note from Sister Marie Augustine to LP RE: thanks LP for his letter of response regarding the work of Prof. Niemann on the action of inhibitors on enzyme molecules. [Letter from LP to Sister Marie Augustine May 21, 1953] [Filed under M: Correspondence 1953, Box #256, Folder #4]