Pauling Diary: "France and England 1952 / Also Toronto." Page 23. 1952
Pauling Diary: "France and England 1952 / Also Toronto." 1952. Page 23  Larger Images / More Information.

Travel: Paris

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  • "Riley does not find any sign of the 1.5 reflection in albumin. He pointed out that the segments of alpha helix are probably too short for this reflection to occur. He suggests it would be wise if the symbol [gamma] could be used for proteins of the collagen type."
  • "Riley would like to give a lecture to our students when he comes to Pasadena. Let him know definitely about the March conference in October!"
  • AHP journal entry in journal entitled "France and England 1952 also Toronto" RE: "D.P. Riley wants to collaborate with Paddy and write a joint paper. He wants us to work out the radial distribution curves for collagen right away. He says that Arndt wrote him that their radial dist. curve for collagen agrees with our calculated curve for the gamma helix as well as the albumen agree with the alpha helix- Beta Carbon in position one dashed line."
  • AHP writes cheque to: Southern Commercial and Savings Bank to pay for overdraft fee amount: $0.50 [Filed under LP Biographical: Box #4.021, Folder #3]
  • LP journal entry in journal entitled "France and England 1952 also Toronto" RE: "Riley [determined structure] of [dibetopiperazine?] with Dorothy- it is in his Dr. thesis. Not published because Corey beat him to it. Same parameters. He will check planarity." [drawing of molecule below] "Should not be planar."
  • Letter from W. F. Dyde of the University of Colorado to LP RE: thanks for the letter received while Pres. Stearns was on vacation. Acknowledges that LP suggests Dr. Donahue in connection with an appointment in chemistry. [Filed under LP Corresppondence: Box #378, Folder #6].
  • Letter from the Executive Secretary of Gates and Crellin Laboratories to Dr. Kirner RE: Replies to Dr. Kirner's July 16, 1952 letter by informing him that LP is in France until September. The office will give it to LP on his return, unless he would like the material back so someone else can review it. [Filed under LP Science: Box 14.029, Folder 29.1]
  • Note from Prof. Ogasawara to LP RE: thanks LP for sending a copy of his Nature of the Chemical Bond book. Says that a book company has finally accepted the publication of his manuscript. [Letter from LP to Prof. Ogasawara July 21, 1952] [Filed under O: Correspondence 1952, Box #300, Folder #14]