Letter from Linus Pauling to G. H. Bruckner. Page 1. May 24, 1967
Letter from Linus Pauling to G. H. Bruckner. May 24, 1967. Page 1  Larger Images / More Information. 1 p.  View Transcript

Travel: Oslo, Norway

Activity Listings

  • Hotel bill: Grand Hotel, Oslo [Filed under LP Travel, Box 1.004, Folder 4.3] 
  • Letter from Dr. Art Robinson, University of California San Diego, to LP RE: Offers his assistance in getting acquainted with San Diego upon learning that LP has accepted an appointed at the University of California there. [Filed under LP Correspondence Box 331 Folder 331.1]
  • Letter from Dr. Guillermo Montano to LP RE: Informs him that he believes he should write a biography of his life. Offers to write and publish it in Spanish. [Filed under LP Correspondence Box 260 Folder 260.3]
  • Letter from Dr. Hugo Boyko, World Academy of Arts and Sciences, to Members RE: Discusses trips he has recently returned from involving council meetings of the academy and the Pacem in Terris convocation which he will be attending soon. [Filed under LP Correspondence Box 441 Folder 441.7]
  • Letter from Dr. V. Fattorusso Council for International Organizations of Medical Sciences to LP RE: Invites him to participate in a round-table discussion on Responsibility in Human Experimentation that the Council is putting on. Encloses a brief outline of the purposes of the meeting. [Filed under LP Correspondence Box 130 Folder 130.1]
  • Letter from Dr. Yevette F. Francis to Dr. Percy L. Julian, Julian Research Institute, RE: Writes requesting grant money for Foundation for Research and Education in Sickle Cell Disease fund. [Filed under LP Correspondence Box 193 Folder 193.3]
  • Letter from Mrs. William L. Wahler to Marin I. Hassner, Leukemia Society, Inc., (cc: LP) RE: Asks several questions concerning leukemia which she believed her husband recently died from, although it was not diagnosed. [Filed under LP Correspondence Box 447 Folder 447.2]
  • Letter from Professor David A. Berman, University of Souther California, to LP RE: Thanks him for his response to the Dr. John L Webb Memorial Fund Committee's request for funds to "perpetuate" Dr. Webb's name in the form of a library. [Filed under LP Correspondence Box 42 Folder 42.1]
  • Letter from Yves Choliere and Mrs. L. Ghosh, World Council of Peace, to LP RE: Writes sending a response from the Vietnamese Peace Committee to LP's telegram. The response thanks the council for conveying LP's suggestions from the Pacem in Terris II convocation and explains the situation in Vietnam as they see it. [Filed under LP Correspondence box 159 Folder 159.9]
  • Program: William Henry Snyder Lecture, Los Angeles City College. [Filed under LP Biographical: Scrapbooks: Box 6.009 Folder 9.26]