Letter from Linus Pauling to Richard O. Boyer. Page 1. February 24, 1959
Letter from Linus Pauling to Richard O. Boyer. February 24, 1959. Page 1  Larger Images / More Information. 1 p.  View Transcript

Activity Listings

  • Agenda, Cal Tech Faculty Meeting. [Filed under LP Peace: (Carnegie Seminars for International Peace), Box #2.007, Folder #7.1]
  • Article: "U.S. draws a Radiological Profile," Chemical and Engineering News. [Filed under LP Peace: (Materials re: Strontium-90, 1956-May 1959), Box #7.011, Folder #11.16]
  • Check from AHP to 20th Democratic Council for $5.00. [Filed under LP Biographical: (Business and Financial: Bank Statements and Canceled Checks, December 1957-December 1959), Box #4.025, Folder #25.2]
  • Letter [undated, reply below] from Mike Dutton, Coffee House Positano, to LP RE: Says he has found time to write him as requested about inviting him to join them some Sunday night for a informal discussion of his books, philosophy, and aims with their interested group, tells about the aims of their coffee house, lists all the famous people who have participated in their Sunday night custom, tells how long the forums tend to last, says they make a tape, says any Sunday from March 8 is open, and says he can bring any guests who might like to come to Malibu. [Letter from LP to Dutton February 23, 1959] [Filed under LP Correspondence: (D: Correspondence, 1959), #98.24]
  • Letter from Barbara Kamb, Dodd, Mead & Co., to LP RE: Says he has urged Seki to have the Japanese publisher contact Dodd, Mead & Co. to gain permission to publish a Japanese version of No More War! [Letter from LP to Seki February 23, 1959] [Filed under LP Books: 1958b3.1]
  • Letter from Charles Mattox, Powell Schuman Defense Fund, to LP RE: Expresses appreciation for LP's Friday speech in San Francisco. Encloses a check to cover LP's travel expenses. [Letter from LP to Mattox March 21, 1959] [Filed under LP Speeches: 1959s.7]
  • Letter from Clarence Downing, University of Redlands, to LP RE: Discusses details of the University's April Convocation at which he is pleased to learn that LP will be speaking. [Letter from LP to Maybury February 18, 1959, Letter from LP to Downing February 25, 1959] [Filed under LP Speeches: 1959s.12]
  • Letter from LP to Dr. Frederick L. Stone, Division of General Medical Sciences, National Institutes of Health RE: Replies with a recommendation of Dr. Oleg Jardetzky, tells how he worked under his direction, tells about his research, says he found him to have unusual ability and training, and thinks as he has an excellent personality and background he will make an excellent teacher. [Letter from Stone to LP January 22, 1959] [Filed under LP Correspondence: (Jardetzky, Oleg and Christine), #188.3]
  • Letter from LP to Dr. George S. Handler RE: Says he has not leaned of any recent openings on chemical quantum mechanics, thinks many universities are perhaps interested in the possibility of having someone in that field, and says his best procedure might be to work through someone in Chicago like Professor Mayer. [Letter from Handler to LP February 11, 1959] [Filed under LP Correspondence: (H: Correspondence, 1959), #167.4]
  • Letter from LP to Emil Feulner, Chairman, Man on the Street Peace Committee, RE: Says he is not sure about the proposal for an international institution for peace to be under the Germans, feels he should not be involved as he is trying to set up another international organization. [Letter from Feulner to LP January 28, 1959] [Filed under LP Correspondence: (F: Correspondence, 1959), #129.3]
  • Letter from LP to John L. McElroy, Member, University of Detroit Forensic Society RE: Sends publications on nuclear weapons in cluding a paper on carbon 14, a paper on strontium 90, a copy of his debate with Dr. Teller and references his book, No More War! [Letter from McElroy to LP February 15, 1959] [Filed under LP Correspondence: (M: Correspondence, 1959), #258.1]
  • Letter from LP to Jordan M. Scher RE: Declines the invitation to contribute an article for Scher's forthcoming book. [Letter from Scher to LP February 6, 1959, Letter from Scher to LP March 2, 1959] [Filed under LP Correspondence: (S: Correspondence, 1959), #380.3]
  • Letter from LP to Judy Schomaker RE: Sends Schomaker reprints of his paper on carbon 14 and a paper by LP and Barclay Kamb on strontium 90. Discuses his and AHP's current plans to visit the east coast. [Letter from Schomaker to LP January 20, 1959] [Filed under LP Correspondence: (Schomaker, Verner), #359.2]
  • Letter from LP to Mike Dutton, Coffee House Positano RE: Apologizes for the delay as he has just gotten to his letter after being snowed under by all the rest of his work, says he has been forced to the decision that it is not possible for him to accept his invitation during the next few months, says he has found that he is going to be busy from now to the end of summer as he is making a European trip, and says he doesn't like to make engagements for local talks too far in advance in case of a necessary change in plans. [Letter from Dutton to LP No Date above] [Filed under LP Correspondence: (D: Correspondence, 1959), #98.24]
  • Letter from LP to R. Defay, Institut International de Chimie Solvay, RE: Declines the invitation to take part in the Eleventh Solvay Congress in June. Looks forward to attending the Twelfth Solvay Congress. [Letter from Defay to LP February 12, 1959, Letter from Defay to LP March 9, 1959] [Filed under LP Correspondence: (Solvay Congress) #376.4]
  • Letter from LP to Syûzô Seki, Faculty of Science, Osaka University, RE: Says he is pleased that Seki is interested in translating No More War! into Japanese. Suggests that Seki request permission from the publisher to translate the book. [Letter from Seki to LP February 10, 1959, Letter from LP to Kamb February 23, 1959] [Filed under LP Books: 1958b3.1]
  • Letter from Martin Niemoller to LP RE: preparations for LP's trip to Europe in June [Letter from Joan Harris to Niemoller dated March 4, 1959] [Filed under LP Travel: Box #1.002, Folder 2.5]
  • Letter from Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit to Carmelita Hinton RE: Says he has just seen her letter on his return from India, says he is interested to know that she is acting Chairman of the Jane Addams' centenary which is to take place in 1960, says he deems it a privilege to become an honorary member, and says he will try and get in touch with her in his brief time in the States. [Filed under LP Correspondence: (H: Correspondence, 1959), #167.4]
  • Memo from Linus Pauling to Prof. Barclay Kamb RE: Encloses a report by Dr. Meier. Requests Kamb's opinion of the paper. [Memo from Meier to LP February 20, 1959, Memo from LP to Professor Swift February 24, 1959] [Filed under LP Correspondence: (M: Correspondence, 1959), #258.1]
  • Newspaper Clipping: "Dr. Pauling states H-bomb dangers," Trojan Owl, February 23, 1959. [Filed under LP Biographical: (LP Scrapbooks, 1956-1960), Box #6.007, Folder #7.281]
  • Photo: Linda Pauling Kamb with her children "Sasha" [Carl Alexander] and "Barky" [Barclay James]. February 23, 1959. Photographer unknown. Black and white print. [Filed under LP Photo Box: 1959i.9]