Letter from Linus Pauling to Lawrence Brockway. Page 1. October 10, 1941
Letter from Linus Pauling to Lawrence Brockway. October 10, 1941. Page 1  Larger Images / More Information. 1 p.  View Transcript

Activity Listings

  • Letter from Dr. Edwin R. Embree, President, Julius Rosenwald Fund, to LP RE: Sends a statement of the 1942 fellowship programs and states that applications must be received by January 5, 1942. Encloses a list of Fellows selected from this year. Handwritten in the lower right corner: “Congratulations on the very discerned honor which, with pride, I watched the University of Chicago bestow upon you. [Letter from LP to Dr. Edwin R. Embree October 14, 1941] [Filed under LP Correspondence: #340.6]
  • Letter from Privatdozent Dr. K. Wieland, Physikalisch-Chemisches Institut der Universität Zurich to LP RE: Asks for the values he used in his calculations for the heat of formation of various elements in his book on The Nature of the Chemical Bond. (Handwritten calculations all across the bottom of the letter) [Letter from LP to Wieland October 22, 1941] [Filed under LP Correspondence: 443.9]
  • Letter from Pryns Hopkins to Pasadena Chapter of Federal Union, RE: shares of recent move to the Pasadena area and would like to become involved with Federal Union. [Filed under AHP: Federal Union, Pasadena Chapter: Box # 5.006, Folder 6.5]
  • Letter from unsigned to John D. Barter, Esq., RE: informs Mr. Barter of recent construction being done in the store behind the Federal Union office and informs of their desire to place a partition, but it cannot be done without written permission from Mr. Barter. [Filed under AHP: Federal Union, Inc.: Box #5.004, Folder 4.1]
  • Record of LP's diet while ill with nephritis. Breakfast: orange juice, ½ c cereal, ½ c cream, cinnamon bun, juice / Lunch: 1 c H. Veg. soup, 1 c milk, ½ m avocado, 2 sm p toast, apple sauce, 2 T mayonnaise, 1 sq butter / Dinner: 1 c soup, 1 ½ c milk, 1 c yellow squash, 2 cookies, 1 sm pear [Filed under LP Correspondence: Box #3.1, file:(Record of LP's diet while ill with nephritis kept by Ava Helen Pauling, 1941-1942.)]
  • Writes cheque to "Mary E. Carpenter," $7.50. [Filed under LP Biographical: Business and Financial, Box 4.016, Folder 16.1]