Notes by Linus Pauling regarding research funding at Caltech. Page 1. March 22, 1938
Notes by Linus Pauling regarding research funding at Caltech. March 22, 1938. Page 1  Larger Images / More Information. 1 p.

Activity Listings

  • Letter from Arthur Hill, Chairman of the Chemistry Department at Yale University, to LP, RE: Asks LP whether he would be interested in joining Yale in a Sterling Professorship, which has a $10,000 salary and an allowance for a private assistant. Asks LP to keep this matter confidential for the time being. [Letter from LP to Hill, 3-24-1938] [Filed under LP Personal Safe: Drawer 2, Folder 2.005, 5.49]
  • Letter from Curtis G. Benjamin to LP RE: Benjamin sends a complimentary copy of Crystal Chemistry by Charles W. Stillwell. The purpose of this book is threefold: to present the broad, basic concepts of Crystal Chemistry, to serve as a reference for advanced courses, and to offer a description of the nature of solid matter which should be both useful and interesting to all chemists or those interested in chemistry. [Filed under LP Correspondence: Box #253, Folder #253.1]
  • Letter from Edward Reed to LP RE: Thanks LP for his comments regarding Harold D. Springhall and George C. Hampson. [Filed under: R: Correspondence, Box #340, Folder #340.3]
  • Letter from F. W. Loomis to LP RE: Asks LP for his opinion of several men including Neddermeyer and Fowler and asks for any other suggestion regarding men capable to fulfill several positions at the University of Illinois. Loomis says that he is planning a visit to California at the end of the month. [Filed under: L: Correspondence, Box #230, Folder #230.4]
  • Letter from K. Telinek to LP RE: Letter is in German.
  • Letter from M. Merle Kindy to LP RE: On behalf of several teachers at Franklin High School, Kindy writes to ask LP several questions that can't be answered from any text book. [Filed under: K: Correspondence, Box #200, Folder #200.3]