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A Native American child on horseback at the Pendleton Round-Up, ca. 1940.
A Native American child on horseback at the Pendleton Round-Up, ca. 1940.
Gifford Photograph Collection (P 218). (Click to enlarge)

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Oregon Multicultural Archives - Online Audio/Video

A small sampling of the video and audio materials held in our collections that are related to ethnic minority groups in Oregon. For more see the University History, Natural Resources and History of Science video and audio pages.


  • "Pioneers of Change: Black Football Players at OSU from 1951-Present," 2014. (2:10:07) This event paid posthumous tribute to the first African American football player at OSU, Dave Mann (1951-1954) and also discussed the desegregation of football and what that has meant for the Oregon State athletic program. Panelists included past football players Earnel Durden (1956-1958) and Ken Simonton (1998-2001); football historian Dr. Michael Oriard; author Herman Brame; and sociologist Dr. Dwaine Plaza. More information about this event is available here.
  • "Glory Road and the Desegregation of College Basketball: The Untold Story at OSU," 2011. (1:23:00) A presentation, panel discussion, and Q & A regarding the desegregation of the OSU basketball team during the 1960s. Panelists were Norm Monroe, first black walk-on player during the 1960-1961 season; Charlie White, first black player recruited on scholarship, 1964-1967; Paul Valenti, OSU Basketball Head Coach, 1964-1970; Craig Robinson, OSU Basketball Head Coach, 2009-present; Dr. Larry Griggs, Director of the Educational Opportunities Program, 1985-2008. More information about this event is available here.
  • Urban League of Portland videos. Cleo Fields, keynote speaker at the 1992 ULP Annual Dinner; John Mack, keynote speaker at the 1993 ULP Equal Opportunity Dinner; Ronald Daly, keynote speaker at the 1996 ULP Equal Opportunity Dinner; and Rev. Ron Sailor, keynote speaker at the 1996 ULP Annual Dinner.


  • Japanese-American Association of Lane County, Oregon, Oral Histories, 1994-2008. Digital recordings of interviews from Japanese-Americans living Eugene, Lane County, Oregon and the surrounding areas. These oral histories document the immigrant experiences of the interviewees' parents and grandparents; their World War II experiences in the United States or in Japan, and their lives in Eugene and neighboring communities in the years following the end of the war.
  • Oregon Multicultural Archives Oral History Collection (OH 18). A growing repository of interviews that documents the experiences and perspectives of people of color who have spent at least portions of their lives in Oregon. Audio and transcripts of many of the interviews held in this collection are available online.

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