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“Glory Road and the Desegregation of College Basketball: The Untold Story at Oregon State”

Panel Discussion

May 17, 2011


Natalia Fernández Larry Griggs Norman Monroe Dwaine Plaza Craig Robinson Paul Valenti Charlie White Dawn Wright
Natalia Fernández, Larry Griggs, Norman Monroe, Dwaine Plaza, Craig Robinson, Paul Valenti, Charlie White, Dawn Wright

“Glory Road and the Desegregation of College Basketball: The Untold Story at Oregon State”  Watch Video

The event included a presentation on the history of college basketball desegregation in the United States and the history of the desegregation of OSU’s men’s basketball team by Sociology Professor Dwaine Plaza and Oregon Multicultural Librarian Natalia Fernández. The panel discussion was facilitated by Dawn Wright, professor in the department of Geosciences, and included these panelists: Norm Monroe, first black walk-on player during the 1960-1961 season; Charlie White, first black player recruited on scholarship and later assistant to the freshman coach, 1964-1967; Paul Valenti, OSU Basketball Head Coach, 1964-1970; Craig Robinson, OSU Basketball Head Coach, 2009-present; Dr. Larry Griggs, Director of the Educational Opportunities Program, 1985-2008.

The event also included about 25 minutes of clips from the film Glory Road, aired after the presentation, however the online version does not include these scenes from the film.

Please be aware that some of the contents of this presentation may be disturbing or activating. In particular, participants share recollections that reflect a culture of racism and white supremacy, as well as the use of racist, derogatory language.