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“Filming a Visual History of the Molecule,” Jane Nisselson

Resident Scholar Lecture

April 8, 2010


Jane Nisselson
Jane Nisselson (Virtual Beauty NYC)

“Filming a Visual History of the Molecule”  Watch Video

Nisselson's talk details her work to create a documentary film focusing on the importance of scientific model making to researchers past, present and future.

In her presentation, Nisselson notes that her documentary is not meant to be a scientific history of model-making, per se. Rather, she hopes for the documentary to answer two primary questions: 1) is science a visual process as opposed to a purely mathematical pursuit? And 2) looking forward, how might molecular modeling evolve as new molecules are designed for use in all types of endeavors, both commercial and academic.

Througout her lecture, Nisselson screens snippets of her work in progress. Included in these clips are footage of Pauling's models in rotation and extracts from an interview with OSU historian of science Mary Jo Nye, recounting her own work on Pauling.