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Registrar's Office Records, 1900-2005

Scope and Content Note

Accession 1967:031 includes records pertaining to enrollment, curriculum, academic deficiencies, admissions, and military service and includes correspondence, reports, and related documentation.

Accession 1992:004 includes policies regarding group final and midterm examinations and student petitions for changing examination times.

Accession 1993:007 includes a report for 1989-90 and materials pertaining to residence classification including the Campus Residency Committee and the Interinstitutional Committee on Residence Classification. It has since been transferred to RG 163.

Accession 1993:016 includes records of the Military Service Committee and the Committee on Deferment, and include minutes, recommendations for deferment or military service, and correspondence.

Accession 1993:019 includes the annual report of the Registrar for the 1987-88 academic year.

Accession 1993:079 includes biennial reports of the Registrar to the President.

Accession 1994:010 includes policies on final examinations, group final examinations, student final examination petitions, and group midterm examinations.

Accession 1994:071 includes reports prepared by the Registrar's Office. One of these, "Student Personnel Organization" (1936 and 1937), outlines the function and organization of the Personnel Committee and its relationship with the Head Counselors for counseling and advising of students.

Accession 1996:001 includes the "Revised Entrance Requirements and Admission Procedure," dated 21 March 1929.

Accession 1997:029 includes an annual schedule of duties of the Assistant Registrar for registration and commencement, prepared by Eva Blackwell; correspondence and related documentation pertaining to space allocation and furnishings for the Registrar in the new administration building (now Kerr Administration Building); and sample letterhead from the 1930s.

Accession 1997:031 includes materials pertaining to Eva Blackwell; letters, memorabilia, and other items of note pulled from permanent student files; and correspondence.

Accession 1997:037 includes course enrollment summary reports (also known as student credit hour reports) by section (Reg. 041) and by class level (REG. 042) for Winter 1991 through Winter 1993 terms. The Spring 1993 report is only by section.

Accession 1997:095 includes commencement and enrollment data for the academic years 1914-15 through 1921-22 and includes information about geographical distribution of graduates, numbers of men and women, college and universities from which students transferred, and other statistical tabulations.

Accession 1997:098 includes a map showing Oregon Agricultural College attendance by counties for 1906-1907. It was prepared by JBH, probably John B. Horner who was the College's Registrar at that time.

Accession 1998:072 includes student credit hour reports (Scheduled Section Tally or Reg. 041) which summarize enrollment by course for Fall 1993 through Summer 1995 terms.

Accession 1998:106 includes registrar's annual reports; geographic directories of students; registration statistics; grade distribution reports; statistical and other reports; subject files pertaining to commencement, curriculum, registration, tuition and fees, and other topics; and related documentation and correspondence.

Accession 1999:001 includes memoranda regarding student general access PINs for the Banner system and a memorandum from the Academic Standing Committee regarding prerequisites.

Accession 1999:061 includes Annual Reports for 1934-35 and 1937-38; scholastic ratings of schools, classes, honorary and professional societies, living organizations, and other groups for Fall Term 1931-32 and 1932-33; a grade distribution study covering fall terms of the previous ten years, 1936; and a report of the number of students who did not return or withdrew during a term (and the reasons given) for 1952-53.

Accession 1999:109 includes Registrar's annual reports for 1988-89 and 1989-90; summary reports of new transfer students, SAT scores, and new freshmen (1987-1991); various registration and scheduling reports (1975-1976); daily registration reports (1964-1983); reports of degrees conferred by major for 1967-68 to 1968-69; and term reports of failing grades and academic deficiencies (1975-1983).

Accession 2000:007 includes grade distribution reports by school or college by term for Fall 1957 through Winter 1981.

Accession 2001:001 includes a list of degrees awarded to students for the academic year 2000-2001 and a report from September 2000 outlining guidelines for the release of student records.

Accession 2002:001 includes a list of degrees awarded to students for the academic year 2001-2002.

Accession 2002:044 includes a report compiled by the Office of the Registrar titled "A Supplementary Geographical List of New and Old Students Returning for the Winter Term: 1953-54." The report breaks down demographic statistics by counties and cities in Oregon, states in the U.S., and foreign countries. The home addresses of the students are also listed.

Accession 2003:001 Includes a degree list with information on those who were awarded a degree for the 2002-03 academic year and an announcement concerning the recent and successful implementation of web grading.

Accession 2004:001 includes a degree list with information on those who were awarded a degree for the 2003-04 academic year and announcements e-mailed to OSU employees on various listservs pertaining to guidelines for release of student records and distribution of printed copies of the general catalog.

Accession 2004:036 includes Registrar's Office annual reports for various years from 1963-64 to 1977-78.

Accession 2004:062 includes statistical reports generated by the Registrar's Office and book plans. The reports primarily document enrollment and grade distribution information from 1995 to 2001 and summarize data by course, gender, class and school. There are also reports containing data on the geographical distribution of students. Depicting floor plan layouts for various OSU structures (both on and off campus), the book plans have been separated from a two-ring binder and placed in a box. The binder contained an index to the numbered plans that has been retained with the sheets.

Accession 2005:001 includes a degree list with information on those who were awarded a degree for the 2004-05 academic year.

Accession 2005:067 includes reports generated by the Registrar's Office which document the decile GPA range of graduating classes. Over half of these reports are bound together with commencement programs. Also included in this transfer is a videotape of footage from the 2002 baccalaureate ceremony and two DVDs depicting the 2003 commencement ceremony.

Accession 2005:081 includes three reports generated by the Registrar's Office and the Curriculum Committee. Two of the reports pertain to the School of Commerce and contain information on department costs calculated per student credit hour and classes taken by students graduating in 1930 and 1931 broken down by department. The third report examines classroom use in all buildings for Fall term 1931.

Accession 2007:065 includes materials generated and collected by the Registrar's Office regarding university policies for disclosure of student information. Among the topics addressed in these records are: FERPA (Family Educational and Privacy Rights Act) regulations, e-mail management, and release of directory information. Primarily made up of correspondence, this transfer also contains newspaper clippings, policy statements/checklists, and a conference paper.

Accession 2008:092 includes statistical information on microfiche that documents grade distribution by course, grade point averages by college/school, and the geographical origin of students. Organized by academic term and spanning the years 1980 through 1993, the microfiche is housed in a 5x7 index card box.

Accession 2010:077 includes requests to restrict the publication of personal information in the campus directory that were sent by OSU students and staff to the Registrar's Office. These records contain sensitive information and access is subject to review by the Reference Archivist.

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