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Key Participants

William T. Astbury
George W. Beadle
John Desmond Bernal
William Lawrence Bragg
Herman R. Branson
Dan H. Campbell
William B. Castle
Robert B. Corey
Francis H. C. Crick
Max Delbrück
Emil Fischer
Frank Blair Hanson
Maurice Huggins
Harvey A. Itano
John C. Kendrew
Karl Landsteiner
Alfred E. Mirsky
Carl G. Niemann
Linus Pauling
Max F. Perutz
Frederick Sanger
S. Jonathan Singer
Theodor (The) Svedberg
Alexander R. Todd
Warren Weaver
Dorothy Wrinch

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Herman Branson.
Herman Branson. 1970s.
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Herman R. Branson


Herman R. Branson Papers, 1952-1970
Location: Central State University Archives
Address: 1400 Brush Row Road, Hallie Q. Brown Memorial Library, Central State University, Wilberforce, Ohio 45384
Size: 8 linear feet
Phone: 937-376-6521  Web:

Lincoln University Archives
Location: Special Collections & Archives
Address: Langston Hughes Memorial Library, 1570 Baltimore Pike, P.O. Box 147, Lincoln University, Pennsylvania 19352
Phone: 484-365-7261  Web:



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"On my return to Pasadena in the fall of 1948 I talked with Professor Corey about the alpha helix and the gamma helix, and also with Dr. Herman Branson, who had come for a year as a visiting professor. I asked Dr. Branson to go over my calculations, and in particular to see if he could find any third helical structure. He reported that the calculations were all right, and that he could not find a third structure."

Linus Pauling. "The Discovery of the Alpha Helix." September 1982.

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