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Letter from Max Perutz to Linus Pauling. August 17, 1951.
Perutz writes to clarify details about a recent publication on the structure of feather rachis keratin. Perutz also gratefully acknowledges Pauling's contributions to the body of knowledge that resulted in Perutz's prediction of a 1.5Å reflection in alpha-keratin structures. Perutz writes, "The fulfilment of this prediction and, finally, the discovery of this reflexion in haemoglobin has been the most thrilling discovery of my life." Transcript.

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Creator: Max Perutz
Recipient: Linus Pauling
Associated: John Kendrew, Robert Corey, Herman Branson, Richard Bear, A. Elliott

Date: August 17, 1951
Genre: correspondence
ID: corr307.1-perutz-lp-19510817
Copyright: More Information

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