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Portrait of Alfred E. Mirsky
Portrait of Alfred E. Mirsky, 1960s.
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Alfred E. Mirsky


Alfred E. Mirsky Papers, 1915-1986 (1936-1975, bulk)
Location: The Rockefeller Archive Center
Address: 15 Dayton Avenue, Sleepy Hollow, New York 10591
Size: 36 cubic feet
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Phone: 914-631-4505  Fax: 914-631-6017
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"In suggesting that hydrogen bonds determined the three-dimensional configuration of proteins - and thus their biological specificity - Pauling and Mirsky enunciated a fundamental relation between molecular structure and biological function. It was also one of the cornerstones of Pauling's conception of molecular architecture, a metaphor and method for explaining life in health and disease, which would lend legitimacy to the molecular biology enterprise."

Lily E. Kay. The Molecular Vision of Life: Caltech, The Rockefeller Foundation and the Rise of the New Biology (New York: Oxford University Press). 1993.

"This was a fortunate arrangement. Not only did Mirsky teach me how to handle proteins in the laboratory - they are far more delicate than inorganic substances - but he also gave me a great amount of information about the properties of proteins and especially about denaturation of proteins."

Linus Pauling. "How My Interest in Proteins Developed." January 12, 1993.

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