"Ferromagnetism" Page 1. March 30, 1952
"Ferromagnetism" March 30, 1952. Page 1  Larger Images / More Information. 7 pp.

Activity Listings

  • LP writes cheque: to: Joseph W. Kennedy, Sec. Treas. amount: $2.00 [Filed under LP Biographical: Box #4.021, Folder #3]
  • Letter from Irvine Page to LP, RE: Page is delighted to hear that LP may be able to come to Cleveland some time in June. Page will try to arrange some dates that will be satisfactory for both LP and the Cleveland Clinic. [LP’s letter March 27, 1952] [LP’s reply April 8, 1952] [Filed under LP Speeches: (Speeches by Linus Pauling, 1952), Box 1952s, Folder 1952s.8]
  • Letter from Irving Rubin, Managing editor of American Druggist RE: request for photographs and images concerning the "rearrangement of the atomic structure of viruses," for use in a future article. [LP reply April 15, 1952] [Filed under A: Correspondence 1952, Box #12.18]
  • Letter from LP to Dr. E.W. Hughes of the Chemistry Department of the University of Leeds 2, England RE: Mentions Caltech graduate student "Yakel"'s thesis work on poly-gamma-methyl-L-glutamate. Also mentions his intention to attend the "May 1 conference on proteins." Mentions some of his and Corey's new material on the subject. Mentions that he has been denied a passport by the State Department and asks, if he cannot attend the conference, that Dr. Hughes assist Corey in his discussion of their work. [following letter from LP to Dr. E. W. Hughes April 22, 1952] [Filed under LP Correspondence: Box #163, Folder #1].
  • Letter from LP to Dr. T. Wedding RE: gives Dr. Wedding some suggestions on what literature to seek for his research on high energy phosphate bonds. [Letter from Dr. Wedding to LP April 1, 1952] [Filed under LP Correspondence: Box #443, Folder #20].
  • Letter from Lloyd E. Harris, Lt Colonel to LP RE: writes that General William M. Creasy wrote a letter to LP about a visit by Lt. Harris with members of LP's staff. He will arrive in Pasadena around April 28, 1952. [Letter of reply from LP to Lt. Harris April 14, 1952] [Filed under H Correspondence: 1952, Box #166, Folder #3]
  • Letter from N.A.M. MacKenzie to LP, RE: MacKenzie apologizes that the check for LP was not properly enclosed in his letter of February 27th. MacKenzie now enclosed LP’s check for $400. [LP’s letter March 17, 1952] [Filed under LP Speeches: (Speeches by Linus Pauling, 1952), Box 1952s, Folder 1952s.5]