"Modern Structural Chemistry." Page 1. June 14, 1946
"Modern Structural Chemistry." June 14, 1946. Page 1  Larger Images / More Information. 9 pp.  View Transcript

Activity Listings

  • Entry in Calendar: “Back to St. Louis to Chicago” [Filed under LP's Daily Calendar of Events, 1946, 1958-1966, 1968-1970, 1973-1979: Box #5.012, Folder 12.1]
  • Letter from Alice Hunter, HICCASP, to LP. Appreciates contribution of LP's services to their radio activities in the recent primary elections. LP Peace: Box 4.012, Folder 12.7
  • Letter from J. H. Sturdivant, Caltech, to Dr. Otto Beeck, Shell Development Co., RE: States he is writing in LP's absence. Recommends highly Dr. R. E. Rundle, but states that Rundle may not want to leave Iowa State. [Letter from O. Beeck to LP June 7, 1946] [Filed under LP Correspondence: #336.12]
  • Letter from J.H. Sturdivant to Dr. Otto Beeck RE: Sends a provisional response on behalf of LP concerning the suitability of Dr. R. E. Rundle for a position at the Shell Development Co. [Letter from Beeck to LP June 7, 1946] [Filed under LP Correspondence: Box #37.13, file:(B: Correspondence 1946)]
  • Letter from LP to F.S. Crofts, F.S. Crofts and Co., RE: LP regrets not writing Crofts sooner, but says that he has made the decision to publish his text through W.H. Freeman and Co. [Filed under LP Manuscripts of Books, 1947b5.7]
  • Letter from LP to Richard Thornton, Ginn and Co., RE: LP apologizes for his delay in writing, but says that he has chosen W.H. Freeman and Co. to publish his chemistry textbook. [Filed under LP Manuscripts of Books, 1947b5.10]
  • Letter from Members of the Division of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at CIT to LP RE: Congratulates LP for receiving the Willard Gibbs Medal. [Filed under: LP Speeches, 1946s.8]
  • Letter from Swarthmore College to LP RE: After reading in the New York Times about LP he sends his sincere congratulations for receiving the Willard Gibbs Medal. [Filed under: LP Speeches, 1946s.8]
  • Note from Winston H. Price, Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, MA, to LP RE: Expresses a desire to come work in LP's laboratory the following fall for the duration of a year or more. Describes his previous training and background in zoology and his work with enzymes. Encloses a list of his publications between 1942 and 1946. [Letters from Carl Niemann, Chairman, Graduate Committee, Division of chemistry and Chemical Engineering, to Winston H. Price June 21, 1946, from LP July 1, 1946] [Filed under LP Correspondence: #312.11]
  • Weight-Height Record for Crellin Pauling: Height 51.8 Inches, Weight 64.6 Pounds. Gain since Sept. 1945, 2 Inches, 7.4 Pounds. [Filed under LP Biographical: Personal & Family, Family Correspondence: Edward Crellin Pauling. 1930-1995, No Date: Box #5.048, Folder 48.1]