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"It has been stated that architecture is a gentleman’s profession, and I presume that a gentleman is one who is able to subsist without visible means of support. Certainly during the depression, this statement was true. Since I have no invisible supporting mechanism, I solved the problem of developing a good healthy, time-consuming, interest-absorbing hobby. I now find to my pleasure that my hobby can not only feed itself, but me as well."

Roger Hayward, 1941

Roger Hayward Papers, 1899-2007

Portrait of Roger Hayward, ca. 1960s.
Pastel drawing of Xenon Hydrate by Roger Hayward. Published in The Architecture of Molecules, 1964.
Roger Hayward working on a model of the moon commissioned by the Griffith Planetarium, 1934.
Mask of Tragedy drawing by Roger Hayward, ca. 1921.
Watercolor painting of the Hagia Sophia, 1926.
Weaving loom designed and built by Roger Hayward for use by his wife Betty, ca. 1930s.

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Roger Hayward (1899-1979) was a talented artist, architect and inventor who collaborated extensively with Linus Pauling as illustrator of many of Pauling's books and journal publications. Hayward is also remembered as an expert on the subject of optics who played an important role in the development of the Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope. His papers contain a large volume of correspondence, dozens of manuscripts and a number of sketchbooks that document both his artistic skill and his scientific acumen.


The Jigsaw Puzzle and the Inventive Mind
by Roger Hayward. 1969. 5 pages.

Roger Hayward: Renaissance Man
Roger Hayward: Renaissance Man
An intensive look at Hayward's life and work, featuring a detailed narrative and over 450 illustrations.

Face Furniture
Face Furniture
A light-hearted look at fanciful eyeglasses custom-designed to complement different personalities. Pastel drawings and original verses by Roger and Elizabeth Hayward. Available for sale at amazon.com

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15 linear feet, 33 boxes


The Hayward Papers have been organized into five series which are further arranged either alphabetically or chronologically, as appropriate.

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Roger Hayward's long collaboration with Linus Pauling is documented in several locations within the Ava Helen and Linus Pauling Papers. Of particular note are the Hayward correspondence file, folder 152.9, and the wide array of materials related to Pauling and Hayward's book The Architecture of Molecules, located in Manuscripts and Typescripts of Books boxes 9.001 to 9.003. An online exhibit, Roger Hayward: Renaissance Man, provides an intensive look at Hayward's life and work, featuring a detailed narrative and over 450 illustrations.

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