Group Interviews

H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest Site Visit Group Oral History Interview - Part 1

Participants in the H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest site visit group oral history interview, September 22, 1997. (Left to right) Art McKee, Roy Silen, Al Levno, Martha Brookes, Bob Tarrant, Fred Swanson, Ted Dyrness, Jerry Franklin (kneeling), Max Geier.

The H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest Oral History Collection contains several group interviews, as indicated below.

Roy Silen Group Oral History Interview, December 1992

Roy Silen, a retired Forest Service scientist and pioneering researcher at the Andrews Forest, responds to questions from more than a dozen highly experienced members of the Andrews Forest community on a wide range of topics including life working in the forest prior to road access; the conditions of the landscape; constructive exchanges and conflicts with the Willamette National Forest; impressions of H.J. Andrews as a person; and Silen's decision to not return to the Andrews Forest for decades.

H.J. Andrews Forest History Workshop, August 7, 1996 

A day-long planning discussion held two years prior to the H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest fiftieth anniversary celebration. Participants were Ted Dyrness, Max Geier, Art McKee, Cindy Miner and Fred Swanson.

H.J. Andrews Forest Site Visit Group Interview, September 22, 1997 

A group conversation recorded en route to, and at, an H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest field trip. The trip incorporated a drive to Carpenter Mountain Lookout at the highest (5,300 ft) and most northerly point in the Forest. Participants were Martha Brookes, Ted Dyrness, Jerry Franklin, Max Geier, Al Levno, Art McKee, Roy Silen, Fred Swanson and Bob Tarrant.

International Biological Program Group Interview, February 10, 1998 

The focus of this group interview is the International Biological Program, which was the major research initiative at the Andrews Forest during the 1970s. The large team involved studied a variety of topics related to forest ecosystems including vegetation, fauna, soils, stream ecology, geomorphology, microclimate and landscape history. Participants in this interview were Martha Brookes, Bill Denison, Ted Dyrness, Jerry Franklin, Max Geier, Jim Hall, Don Henshaw, Al Levno, Art McKee, Fred Swanson and Dick Waring.

Riparian Group Interview, November 21, 1997 

The Riparian Group Interview includes reflections on work that took place at the forest-stream interface, blending understanding of landforms and physical processes, stream ecosystems, and influences of forest vegetation, including the near-stream shrub- and herb-dominated plant communities. Participants were Linda Ashkenas, Max Geier, Art McKee, Stan Gregory, Norm Anderson and George Lienkaemper.

Small Watersheds Group Interview, October 16, 1997 

The Small Watersheds Group Interview documents experimental watershed studies of streamflow, sediment yield, vegetation, and biogeochemistry, and also observations of stream-channel cross sections, landslide movement, and other topics related to water quantity and quality. Participating in this session were Ted Dyrness, Max Geier, Gordon Grant, Don Henshaw, Al Levno, George Lienkaemper, Ross Mersereau and Fred Swanson.