About This Project

Fred Swanson - 1996 Oral History Interview on the H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest

Fred Swanson

This website is a product of the Oral History Program at the Special Collections and Archives Research CenterOregon State University Libraries. It was created by Chris Petersen, Sam Schmieding, Fred Swanson and Ryan Wick.

Technical Note

Voices of the Forests, Voices of the Mills uses the Oral History Metadata Synchronizer, the Omeka web publishing platform, and the OHMSObject plug-in to present born digital oral history media alongside full transcripts or, more often, detailed interview indexes. The website is built upon the Seasons Omeka theme, which has been lightly modified through custom .css and .php scripting. These pieces of custom code have been released and are freely available for download through the OSU Libraries and Press GitHub instance.

Release Date: September 24, 2019