Itinerary: "Programme of Professor Pauling Outside Madaras." Page 1. January 22, 1967
Itinerary: "Programme of Professor Pauling Outside Madaras." January 22, 1967. Page 1  Larger Images / More Information. 1 p.  View Transcript

Travel: Cochin, India

Activity Listings

  • Airline ticket: Indian Airlines, Madras to Cochin [Filed under LP Travel, Box 1.004, Folder 4.3] 
  • Itinerary: Leave Madras for Trivandrum [Filed under LP Travel, Box 1.004, Folder 4.3] 
  • Letter from A. I. Oparin to LP RE: Invites LP to publish a paper in the volume to be titled "Functional Biochemistry of Cell Structures" to be dedicated to N. M. Sissakian. Requests a response by March 15, 1967. [Filed under LP Manuscripts of Articles: Box 1967a, Folder 1967a.1]
  • Letter from Academician A.I. Oparin Academy of Sciences of the USSR to LP RE: Informs LP that the Bakh Institute of Biochemistry and the Academy of the Sciences of the USSR are going to publish a book entitled Functional Biochemistry of Cell Structures in memory of academician N.M Sissakian. Requests that LP add to the book the results of his research or a review. [Filed under LP Correspondence Box 295 Folder 295.7]
  • Letter from C.N.K. Mooers to LP RE: Requests that LP explain his hypothesis of the world's optimal population and his method of calculation. [Filed under LP Correspondence Box 260 Folder 260.3]
  • Letter from Hayes Slaughter Physical Chemistry SERCO, Inc. to LP RE: Asks LP for advice and support concerning a book he is writing containing his research on nuclear geometry. Also sends his resume in hopes of "getting into a good research organization". [Filed under LP Correspondence Box 24 Folder 24.1
  • Schedule: depart Madras at 6 AM, arrive in Cochin at 9:10 AM; taken by car to a wildlife sanctuary in Thekady, then to Trivandrum [Filed under LP Travel, Box 1.004, Folder 4.3]