Letter from Linus Pauling to Jürg Waser. Page 1. May 17, 1966
Letter from Linus Pauling to Jürg Waser. May 17, 1966. Page 1  Larger Images / More Information. 1 p.  View Transcript

Travel: Lafayette, IN

Activity Listings

  • Check stub: paid to LP; $1700 [Filed under LP Travel, Box #1.004, Folder 4.2]
  • Handwritten notes by LP, RE: "The Scientist and the Public Conscience," lecture he gave at Purdue University. [Filed under LP Speeches, Box 1966s, Folder 1966s.10]
  • Letter from Frau Edeltrud Stommel to LP RE: Encloses a book that she would like him to read. She gives several positive reviews of the book and stresses the importance that it become public in America. [Translated from German] [Filed under LP Correspondence: S: Correspondence, 1966-1967: Box #384, Folder #384.1]
  • Letter from Joseph E. Mayer, University of California, San Diego, to LP . RE: Mayer and his wife invite LP and AHP to stay with them, or to dinner. [Filed under LP Speeches, Box 1966s, Folder 1966s.15]
  • Letter from LP to Edwin Dunlap, The Academy of Psychosomatic Medicine, RE: Declines his invitation to the symposium, The Problems of Aging, due to his heavy schedule. [Letter from Dunlap to LP February 24, 1966][Filed under LP Correspondence: D: Correspondence, 1960-1966: Box #99, Folder #99.7] 
  • Letter from LP to Mr. Wm. Newell Nelson, Jr., President, The First Unitarian Church of Berkley, RE: Declines his invitation to fill the pulpit sometime in the summer. [Letter from Nelson to LP May 10, 1966][Filed under LP Correspondence: N: Correspondence, 1966: Box #289, Folder #289.2]
  • Letter from LP to Pauline Pauling, RE: LP would be pleased for Pauline to show the models at the meeting in Santa Barbara. [Filed under LP Biographical: Personal and Family, Box 5.051, Folder 51.12]
  • Letter from LP to Robert S. Vogel, american Friends Service Committee, RE: LP apologizes, saying that his long absence from Santa Barbara has prevented him from answering Vogel's letter. [Filed under LP Peace Section, Box 4.009, Folder 9.4]
  • Letter from Roger Howley, University Publisher, Cornell University Press to LP RE: Encloses two copies of the Memorandum of Agreement to provide for publication of The Chemical Bond. Asks that LP sign and return the ribbon copy. Handwritten note by LP in right margin: “Done.” Asks when LP expects to complete the manuscript of the revision of The Nature of the Chemical Bond. [Letter from LP to Howley June 13, 1966] [Filed under LP Books: (The Chemical Bond, by LP), Box #1967b, Folder #1967b.1]
  • Letter from T. A. Pond to LP RE: Thanks him for his description of May 16th and tells him to send Professor Raz' effects collect to his address and any uncollected salary checks to his wife. [Filed under LP Correspondence: R: Individual Correspondence. (Raz - Reich): Box #328, Folder #328.1]
  • Letter from Victor F. Weisskopf Massachusetts Institute of Technology to LP RE: Says he is flattered by the offer to work at the Center, but declines because he is happy at M.I.T. [Filed under LP Correspondence: W: Individual Correspondence. (Weichsel - White): Box #434, Folder #434.3]
  • Memorandum of Agreement, RE: Transfers "The Chemical Bond" to Cornell University Press. [Filed under LP Safe Contents, Drawer 2, Folder 2.009.14]
  • Newspaper clipping, The Purdue Exponent, RE: Advertisement featuring LP's lecture that evening, free admission. Handwritten note: "over 300 turned away." [Filed under LP Speeches, Box 1966s, Folder 1966s.10]
  • Note from Farrington Daniels, University of Wisconsin, to LP RE: Regret that he will not be able to attend the reception given in his honor. Informs that he would like to attend the lecture but his wife is injured.[Filed under LP Correspondence: D: Individual Correspondence (Daniels, Farrington): Box #89, Folder #89.3] 
  • Note from Karl Paul and Elizabeth Link, to LP RE: Regret that they cannot make the chancellor’s and Mrs. Klotsche’s reception for them. [Filed under LP Correspondence: L: Correspondence, 1966: Box #233, Folder #233.3]
  • Schedule: 11:30 AM lunch with members of the Department of Biological Science; 2:30 PM television and radio interview; 6 PM dinner; 8 PM lecture entitled “The Scientist and the Public Conscience” [Filed under LP Travel, Box #1.004, Folder 4.2] 
  • Talent receipt: Purdue University; $1700 [Filed under LP Travel, Box #1.004, Folder 4.2]