Letter from Linus Pauling to Jürg Waser. Page 1. May 17, 1966
Letter from Linus Pauling to Jürg Waser. May 17, 1966. Page 1  Larger Images / More Information. 1 p.  View Transcript

Activity Listings

  • Check from AHP to Rayne Soft Water Science, RE: $5.50. [Filed under LP Biographical: Financial, Box 4.029, Folder 29.1]
  • Check from AHP to S. Counties Gas Co., RE: $6.02. [Filed under LP Biographical: Financial, Box 4.029, Folder 29.1]
  • Letter from Frederick D. Rossini, University of Notre Dame, to LP . RE: Thanks LP for agreeing to lecture, and asks for a biographical summary and photograph for publicity purposes. Includes a tentative schedule for the evening of LP's lecture. [Filed under LP Speeches, 1966s2.3]
  • Letter from LP to Dr. Jules S. Crass, Veterans Administration, RE: Doubts his ability to help in connection with the VA Technical Guide on Comparative Anesthesiology of Laboratory animals. Suggest they get in touch with Frank Catchpool and Dr. Arthur Cherkin. [Filed under LP Correspondence: C: Correspondence, 1966: Box #78, Folder #78.1]  
  • Letter from LP to Professor T. A. Pond Chairman Dept. of Physics State University of New York RE: LP writes to confirm his letter from May 4th and talks about his dealings with Prof. Raz and his disappointment of Prof. Raz's resignation. [Filed under LP correspondence: P: Correspondence, 1966-1969: Box #315, Folder #315.3]
  • Letter from Mrs. B. James Raz to Mrs. Madalaine Marina Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions RE: Thanks her for her help in recovering her husbands materials, and says that she would like to sell her husbands car. [Filed under LP Correspondence: R: Individual Correspondence. (Raz - Reich): Box #328, Folder #328.1]
  • Letter from Neal Riemer, University of Wisconsin, to LP . RE: Encloses two newspaper clippings, and says he looks forward to LP's visit. [Filed under LP Speeches, Box 1966s, Folder 1966s.13]
  • Letter from Norinne Tempest Director Entertainment Arts University of Utah to LP RE: Asks if he is available in the coming year to give a lecture at the University of Utah. [Filed under LP Correspondence: U: Correspondence, 1936-1970: Box #421, Folder #421.24]
  • Letter from Ret. Hon. Phillip Noel-Baker, House of Commons, to LP RE: Agrees that the Pugwash Movement could take up the proposal he made in the UNESCO article. Discusses Plutonium 241 and his estimates of the stockpiles of nuclear weapons. [Letter from LP to Noel-Baker May 2, 1966][Filed under LP Correspondence: N: Individual Correspondence: (Noel-Baker, Philip), Box #277, Folder #277.11] 
  • Memorandum from J. Paul Jones to All Faculty Members and Brothers of AXE, RE: Invitation to an informal reception for LP at the Alpha Chi Sigma House. [Filed under LP Speeches, Box 1966s, Folder 1966s.10]