Letter from Linus Pauling to William Esslinger. Page 1. January 4, 1961
Letter from Linus Pauling to William Esslinger. January 4, 1961. Page 1  Larger Images / More Information. 1 p.  View Transcript

Activity Listings

  • Draft Typescript, “Appeal to Stop the Spread of Nuclear Weapons.” [Filed under LP Peace: (An Appeal to Stop the Spread of Nuclear Weapons, 1961), Box #5.011, Folder #11.1]  
  • Letter from AHP to Lee Meniman, RE: AHP thanks Meniman for the editorial on the 40th birthday of the American Civil Liberties Union.  AHP has been am member of the Board of the Southern California Chapter for a number of years.  [Filed under LP Peace: (Correspondence re: circulation and signing of An Appeal to Stop the Spread of Nuclear Weapons, January-March, 1961), Box #5.012, Folder #12.1]
  • Letter from Dell E. Turner and Agustin E. Turner to LP, RE: Dell Turner and her family thank their friends for their Christmas letters and cards. She gives the details of she and Agustin's trip to the Latin American Regional Rotary Conference in Santiago Chile. On the back of the letter is a handwritten note congratulating LP on being chosen as one of TIME magazine's 15 scientists of the year and thanking him for the stand he has taken on important issues. [Filed under LP Correspondence: (T: Correspondence, 1956-1963), #411.6]
  • Letter from Dorothy Eldridge to LP, RE: The New Jersey Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy would like to have LP come and speak in the spring, possibly in April.  Eldridge looks forward to LP’s reply.  [LP’s reply January 20, 1961] [Filed under LP Peace: (SANE, 1958-1966, 1982), Box #4.003, Folder #3.4]
  • Letter from E. C. McIntosh to LP, RE: McIntosh and his wife have been giving books for Christmas, but found it hard to locate copies of No More War!  He is also working on a couple new inventions to help the space race, and sends them for LP to consider. [Filed under LP Correspondence: (M: Correspondence, 1959-1961), #258.3]
  • Letter from John Sutherland, to LP. RE: Forwards to LP personal copies of two films “Vibration of Molecules” and “An Introduction to Reaction Kinetics”. Encloses a brief summary of the film evaluation project. [Filed under LP Correspondence (S: Correspondence, 1961): Box #381 Folder #381.2] 
  • Letter from LP to Dr. George Tarjan, Pacific State Hospital, RE: LP suggests that Dr. Thomas L. Perry be appointed as a medical consultant for Pacific State Hospital.  He recently wrote a paper on the amino-acid content of human cerebrospinal fluid in normal people and those with mental defects, with contributions from Pacific State Hospital. [Letter from LP to Tarjan, January 16, 1961] [Filed under LP Correspondence: (P: Individual Correspondence. (Pais - Perry)), #304.15]       
  • Letter from LP to Dr. Luigi Morandi, Vice President, Montecatini, RE: Expresses the thanks of himself and AHP for the “beautiful book” Il Battistero di Parma.  They are grateful for the reminder of Italy and the interesting visit to Milan. [Filed under LP Correspondence: (M: Correspondence, 1959-1961), #258.3]
  • Letter from LP to Elfrieda Scheurenberg. RE: Was very pleased with the present she sent for Christmas. Feels like he should go on a diet. [Filed under LP Correspondence (S: Correspondence, 1961): Box #381 Folder #381.2] 
  • Letter from Leonard Amada to LP, RE: Amada notes that at a recent meeting of the Morris County Chapter of Sane a number of members were displeased with the National Board of Sane and were interested in leaving for another peace group.  Amada is writing to LP to ask if he has information on another peace group that would be an alternative to Sane.  [Reply from LP January 17, 1961] [Filed under LP Peace: (SANE: Materials regarding Dodd Committee Investigation and Subsequent Controversy Over Membership of Communists in SANE, 1960-1962), Box #4.004, Folder #4.2]               
  • Letter from Linda Hopkins, secretary to LP, to Gordon Wyermiller, Associate Editor, Chemical Processing, RE: Has not been able to get LP to make the comments on the article. [Letter from Gordon Weyermiller to Linda Hopkins, December 1, 1961] [Filed under LP Correspondence: (C: Correspondence, 1961-1962), #76.1] 
  • Letter from Mrs. Stanwood N. Rogers to LP RE: Notes that he enjoyed watching LP and Mr. Thoman discuss Herman Kahn. Tell LP that he might want to pursue one of the proposals made by the Friends Committee on National Legislation on the subject of conversion to peace. Suggests that young people be urged to joins the Peace Corps and that the cultural exchange between the U.S. and USSR be emphasized. Handwritten note in top margin: “petition, covering letter + Kalven article mailed 10 March 1961.” [Filed under LP Correspondence (R: Correspondence, 1960-1963), #342.2]
  • Manuscript and Typescripts: “The Nature of the Metallic Orbital.” Published in Nature 189 (February 1961): 656.  [Filed under LP Manuscripts of Articles: (Manuscripts and Typescripts by LP, 1961), Box #1961a, Folder #1961a.2]
  • Newspaper Clipping: “The Other Side.”  Published by j.n.m. The Sun. [Letter from Robert Fairbank to the editor of The Sun January 8, 1961] [Filed under LP Newspaper Clippings: Newspaper Clippings, Magazine and Journal Articles related to LP, 1961: Box #1961n, Folder #1961n.2]
  • Second Draft Typescript, “An Appeal to Stop the Spread of Nuclear Weapons.” [Filed under LP Peace: (An Appeal to Stop the Spread of Nuclear Weapons, 1961), Box #5.011, Folder #11.2]