"Völkerrecht und Weltgewissen." Page 1. August 28, 1957
"Völkerrecht und Weltgewissen." August 28, 1957. Page 1  Larger Images / More Information. 22 pp.

Travel: Oslo, Norway

Activity Listings

  • Letter from J.A. Campbell, Chairman, Department of Chemistry, Harvey Mudd College to LP RE: Requests permission to include one of LP's films, made for the National Science Foundation, at a symposium for the Division of Chemical Education. [Filed under LP Correspondence: (Campbell, J.A., 1951-1952, 1954-1955, 1957-1961, 1968, 1974, 1977, 1986), #57.7]
  • Newspaper Clipping: "800 millioner blir drept i en ny atom krig," Dagbladet (Oslo), August 31, 1957. [Filed under LP Newspaper Clippings: 1957n.37]
  • Newspaper Clipping: "A-Bomb Kills — Pauling Political Leaders 'Know'", Independent, August 31, 1957. [Filed under LP Biographical: (LP Scrapbooks, 1956-1960), Box #6.007, Folder #7.50]
  • Note from Per A. Markussen to LP RE: Claims that they have a common relation, stating that LP's grandmother's parents were also the parents of Markussen's mother's grandmother. Handwritten note in left margin, "Not true-she was born in southern Norway." [Filed under LP Correspondence: (M: Correspondence, 1957), #257.2]