Letter from Linus Pauling to W.H. Freeman. Page 1. September 13, 1955
Letter from Linus Pauling to W.H. Freeman. September 13, 1955. Page 1  Larger Images / More Information. 1 p.  View Transcript

Activity Listings

  • Check from AHP to Mira Loma Mutual Water Company for $33.98. [Filed under LP Biographical: (Business and Financial: Bank Statements and Canceled Checks, December 1954-February 1956), Box #4.023, Folder #23.1] [Also filed under LP Biographical: (Business and Financial: Check Registers, 1951-1960), Box #4.075, Folder #75.5]
  • Letter from Dr. Frank D. White, Biochemistry Dept., University of Manitoba, to LP RE: Pleased that LP has accepted the invitation to deliver the Annual Merck Lecture. The last week in March will be satisfactory. [Letter from LP to White August 30, 1955, Letter from White to LP December 7, 1955] [Filed under LP Speeches: 1956s.9]
  • Letter from Dr. Friedrich Helfferich, Max Planck Institute for Physical Chemistry, Germany, to LP RE: Decides to use the word orbital in German. The new elements 99-101 will be added to the book. Thanks LP for the preface to the German edition. Will send the translation to LP for his approval. Helfferich will write a translator's preface. Hopes that LP is pleased with the proofs. Encloses a note about misprints he found while revising the translation. [Letters from LP to Friedrich Helfferich August 11, 1955, September 21, 1955] [Filed under LP Books: (General Chemistry: An Introduction to Descriptive Chemistry and Modern Chemical Theory, Second Edition), #1953b.2]
  • Letter from Dr. Thomas H. Southard, Numerical Analysis Research, University of California, Los Angeles, to LP RE: The South California Section of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) invites LP to speak at a general meeting of the Section. Encloses information regarding SIAM and its activities. The next general meeting will be held in October. Requests that LP specify a date in October or some future month. Cannot offer an honorarium, but LP can be their guest at a dinner preceding the meeting. [Letter from LP to Southard September 14, 1955] [Filed under LP Correspondence: (S: Correspondence, 1953-1956), #379.3]
  • Letter from Henry Fisk Carlton, W.H. Freeman and Company, Publishers, to LP RE: On page 97 of College Chemistry, Figure 5-6 appears. There are only five figures in chapter five, so wonders what the figure number should be. If Carlton can have the answer by Sept. 16, he can get the plate-patch into the next printing. [Letter from LP to Carlton September 14, 1955] [Filed under LP Books: (College Chemistry: An Introductory Textbook of General Chemistry, Second Edition), #1955b.2]
  • Letter from Professor Hans Neurath, Biochemistry Dept., University of Washington, to Dr. Orr E. Reynolds, Office of Naval Research, RE: Accepts the invitation to participate in the Molecular Structure and Biological Specificity Symposium. Trusts that he will receive further details regarding the schedule. May have to leave Washington, D.C., on the afternoon of October 29, so suggests scheduling his talk for Friday or Saturday morning. [Letter from LP to Neurath August 16, 1955] [Filed under LP Speeches: 1955s.24]
  • Report by Professor P.P. Ewald, Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute to Members of the Acta Crystallographica Advisory Board RE: Acta Situation: Status, Cost of Publication, Financial Situation, Editorship, Alternative Proposal, Action. [Filed under LP Correspondence: (A: Organizational Correspondence (Ac-Ad)), #7.6]