Pastel drawing of Xenon Hydrate. Page 1. 1964
Pastel drawing of Xenon Hydrate. 1964. Page 1  Larger Images / More Information. 1 p.

Travel: Chicago, IL

Activity Listings

  • LP visits the UpJohn Company in Kalamazoo, MI, then departs for Northwestern University, Evanston, IL to attend the Nuclear Science in Engineering Education.
  • Letter from Beatrice Wulf to Bowen C. Dees, Program Director for Fellowships, National Science Foundation RE: Returning letter of August 13, 1954 to LP concerning Joseph C. Clifford as Clifford has never been admitted as a graduate student at Caltech. [Filed under LP Science: (National Science Foundation: Correspondence, 1947, 1951-1989), Box #14.029, Folder 29.2]
  • Letter from Fritz G. Arndt to LP RE: Thank you letter for the Paulings' hospitality while he visited Caltech. [Filed under A Correspondence, Box #12.20] [LP's letter October 6, 1954]
  • Letter from Hugh Wilcox, State University of NY to LP RE: Requests copies of "The structure of protein molecules" by LP et al to use for a course he will be teaching in the fall. [Reply Beatrice Wulf September 16, 1954] [Filed under W: Correspondence 1954, Box #444.2]
  • Letter from Jane S. Connolly to Beatrice J. Wulf RE: Request for two theses included in the publication Master's Theses in Science, 1952 (1954). [Letter from Jane S. Connolly to Beatrice J. Wulf September 7, 1954, reply from Wulf to Connolly October 15, 1954] [Filed B correspondence 1954 Box #37.21].
  • Letter from S. D. Cornell, Executive Officer, National Academy of Sciences to LP RE: Bronk has not received LP's letter of August 12, 1954 as he cannot return to Washington as stranded by a hurricane in Woods Hole. [LP's letter August 12, 1954] [Filed under LP Science: (National Academy of Sciences, 1952-1954), Box #14.020, Folder 20.3]
  • Letter from Victor Reynolds, Cornell University Press, to LP, RE: The current stock of LP's book is low, and Reynolds requests a tentative date for completion of the third edition manuscript. [Filed under: LP Manuscripts of Books, 1960b.5.2]
  • Letter from the Beckman Division of Beckman Instruments INC to LP RE: Invitation to see a special showing of the new automatic Process Data Recording System. [Letter from Beckman Division to LP September 7, 1954, reply from LP to Beckman Division September 10, 1954] [Filed under LP Correspondence: Box #37.21, file: (B correspondence, 1954)]
  • Program: Nuclear Science in Engineering Education, Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois, September 7-10, 1954. [Filed under LP Biographical: Box 6.006, Folder 6.55]
  • Speech: No title, [seminar on abnormal hemoglobin molecules in relation to sickle-cell anemia and similar diseases] The Upjohn Company, Kalamazoo, Michigan [LP Speeches 1954s.14]
  • memorandum from C. Newton, C. I. T., to LP RE: Discusses Friday evening demonstration lectures [LP's reply October 7, 1954] [LP Biographical: Box #1.030, Folder #30.4]