Pauling Diary: "France and England 1952 / Also Toronto." Page 69. 1952
Pauling Diary: "France and England 1952 / Also Toronto." 1952. Page 69  Larger Images / More Information.

Travel: London

Activity Listings

  • Letter from Louis Levine, of the Office of Naval Research, to LP RE: Informs LP that he has decided to accept a job offer with the National Science Foundation. Hopes that the Protein Substitutes Program will continue smoothly under the new direction of Mr. Leo Shinn. [Filed under LP Science: Box 14.029, Folder 29.1]
  • Letter from Norman Davidson to Lee DuBridge RE: Davidson passes along the Annual Report of the Division of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, which has been approved by LP. [Filed under: LP Biographical, Box 1.030, Folder 30.3]
  • Letter from Paul Scheuer to LP RE: thanks LP for his letter of June 17, 1952. Informs LP that he will be staying at U. of Hawaii another year due to his inability to find employment elsewhere and plans to go to the mainland next year in search for a job again. Is glad to hear that the State Department finally issued LP a passport. [Filed under LP Correspondence: Box #378, Folder #6]
  • Letter from Verner Shomaker to Dr. Jesse P. Greenstein, cc: LP RE: writes that the letter and the manuscript by Edward Ronwin on "The Phospho-dianhydride Formula and its Relation to the General Structure of the Nucleic Acids," which he sent to LP for comments has been forwarded to himself due to LP being away in Europe. Their opinion of the paper is that it is worthless. [Letter from Dr. Greenstein to LP July 31, 1952] [Filed under G: Correspondence 1952, Box #140, Folder #16]