"Diatomic Hydrides." Page 1. January 9, 1949
"Diatomic Hydrides." January 9, 1949. Page 1  Larger Images / More Information. 13 pp.

Activity Listings

  • Letter from Beatrice Wulf, Divisional Executive Secretary to Stuart C. Dorman, Manager, College Department, McGraw-Hill Book Co., RE: States that Dr. Tolman died and is unable to review the book he sent. [Letter from Dorman to Tolman January 5, 1949]
  • Letter from Harper W. Frantz, Pasadena City College, to LP . RE: Frantz thanks LP for his note regarding the diamond illustration, and says that it should be easy to correct. He is wondering how LP is coming along in getting the new text organized and under way. He says that if LP could send him a carbon copy of the manuscript, that it would help him maintain the best correlation of text and laboratory work as he develops the manual. [Filed under LP Manuscripts of Books, 1950b1.7]
  • Letter from LP to Dr. Thomas Addis RE: Encloses a statement on the case of the Hollywood Ten for him to sign, mentioning that they may submit and amicus curiae brief to the courts. [Filed under LP Correspondence: Box #2.3, File:(Addis, Thomas 1948-1949)]
  • Letter from LP to Mr. Knop, cc: Dr. Shoemaker, RE: States he would like Knop to make an x-ray investigation on the structure of sodium-cadmium and its phases. [Letter from LP to Prof. Huang January 11, 1949] [Filed under LP Correspondence: #363.3]
  • Letter from LP to Prof. Huang, cc: Dr. Shoemaker, RE: Discusses investigating crystal structures as a possible topic of research. Discusses various sodium-mercury compounds and suggests using x-rays. [Letter from LP to Mr. Knop January 11, 1949] [Filed under LP Correspondence: #363.3]
  • Propositions Submitted by Charles H. Arrington, Jr. for the PhD Oral Examination. [LP Biographical CIT: Materials re: Teaching and Advising of Graduate Students by Linus Pauling, 1935-1963: Box #1.016, Folder 16.2]