"The Structure of Carbides." Page 1. October 5, 1947
"The Structure of Carbides." October 5, 1947. Page 1  Larger Images / More Information. 1 p.

Activity Listings

  • Informal ballot signed by Wendell M. Latimer. [Filed under LP Science: National Academy of Sciences, 1945-1951: Box #14.019 Folder #19.2]
  • Letter from Bunnie Lanni, Secretary, Cal Tech, to Dr. Kurt Mislow, New York University, RE: Informs him that LP had already left for the east when his letter arrived. States that “General Chemistry” was published by W. H. Freeman and Co., San Francisco. [Letters from Mislow to LP October 6, 1947, October 14, 1947] [Filed under LP Correspondence: Box #248.4, file:(Mislow, Kurt)]
  • Letter from George S. Avery, Jr., Editor-in-Chief, Survey of Biological Progress, to LP RE: States the Mr. Jacoby suggests that they stick to the original plan to have Dr. Evans write an article on radioactive tracers due to the nature of articles by Dr. Evans and what the Survey of Biological Progress is looking for. Suggests having Martin Kamen write the article instead. [Letters from George S. Avery, Jr., to LP October 3, 1947, from LP to Dr. Martin Kamen October 31, 1947] [Filed under LP Correspondence: #376.12]
  • Letter from Mary E. Ray, Secretary, Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists, to Dorothy Loeb. Thanks her for her donation and writes that both her and her friend's names are on the committees mailing list. [Letter from Loeb to Ray, October 2, 1947, Letter from Loeb to Ray, October 28, 1947]. LP Peace: Box 3.005, Folder 5.3
  • Memo from President L.A. DuBridge, Cal Tech, to LP RE: Replies that Dr. Knisely's expenses will be have to be paid out of the budgets of Biology and Chemistry, as the special fund will not cover his visit. [Memo from LP to DuBridge October 2, 1947] [Filed under LP Correspondence: Box #200.12, file:(K: Correspondence, 1947)]