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  • LP Research Notebooks, RNB 11 RE: Notes re: x-ray diffraction experiments on vesuvianite, by M.D. Shappell [Filed under LP Research Notebooks: Research Notebook 11: 044-046, 048-049]

July 3  (Germany)
  • Manuscript Notes: "Fine Structure in Triplet Spectra", Manchester, England [LP Science Box 5.001, Folder 7]

July 18  (Germany)
  • Letter from James B. Conant, Harvard University to LP RE: hopes to meet with LP in Frieburg and gives him his address there. Also, encloses a copy of a note he has sent to the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences on porphyrins. [Last letter from Conant to LP March 24, 1930] [Filed under C: Individual Correspondence, Box #66.15]

July 19  (Germany)
  • Letter from A. Ferrain, R. Universita di Milano, to LP, RE: Tells LP that the indices and values of n LP calculated from a Laue photograph of CdCl2 are very different from Ferrain's values. Asks LP to explain how he was able to make the calculations without knowing the distance corresponding to the photograph. Handwritten note by LP: "Ansd." [Filed under LP Personal Safe: Drawer 3, Folder 3.018.63]

July 23  (Germany)
  • Letter from Arthur A. Noyes to LP, RE: Tells LP that he was glad to see his paper on chlorites and that he sent a letter to Wilson communicating it to the Proceedings. Asks about LP's plans for a book on Ions and Ionic Crystals. Discusses the recent appointments at MIT. Encloses a letter from Dr. White, who would like a National Research Fellow to work with LP on a crystal structure problem. Asks LP to let him know when he should be back from the East. Tells LP that Dr. Kassel has received an appointment with G.N. Lewis for next year. Discusses the plans for the astrophysical building and the construction of the west wing of the chemistry building. Tells LP that Morgan gave them a section of the Marine Laboratory at Corona for a chemical laboratory and that Swift is working there this summer. [Filed under LP Personal Safe: Drawer 2, Folder 2.018.1]