Dear Professor Einstein:

The Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists

in Post-War America

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Viewshare screenshot Viewshare is a platform produced by the Library of Congress for viewing cultural heritage data.

In Viewshare, you can browse a timeline of letters, view graphs and charts about the data, and play with tag clouds and facets. Click on the link above to get started.





RAW screenshot RAW, a project of the Density Design Lab, allows users to create visualizations of data through numerous types of graphs and charts.

Please contact us for our ECAS dataset. Then, drag and drop the file into RAW; choose your visualization; determine your facets; then customize the look of your data.

Click on the image for an example of what RAW can do. This is an alluvial graph showing the years of the letter on the left side, and the amounts of donations on the right side. Among other conclusions, this graph shows us that the ECAS received the most letters in 1947, but that the majority of them did not include donations. It also shows us that $10 was the most common amount donated. The yellow bar represents undated letters.

Watch this space for more visualizations from RAW.

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