Oregon State University
Oregon African American Railroad Porters Oral History Collection

Willie Rice Oral History Interview, Part 2. September 1, 1985

Willie Rice Oral History Interview, Part 2

Interview conducted by Michael Grice.

September 1, 1985

Location:  Location Unknown.

In this second recording of Willie Rice he describes his survival strategy on the job of not getting too close to co-workers who he felt would take advantage of him. He also discusses his daughter’s education at the all-black Howard University and his reasons for choosing an all-black school. He gives advice to young black men and women in regards to their black identity, education and efforts in life. Rice reflects on the abuse he put up with to stay with the railroad and the pros and cons of the job. Rice also discusses a class action lawsuit against the Burlington Northern Railroad, their failure to follow through on their promises, and his unsuccessful attempts to get training and settlement money that the lawsuit was designed to achieve.