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Cliff Jackson Oral History Interview, Part 1. August 23, 1983

Cliff Jackson Oral History Interview, Part 1

Interviewer Unknown

August 23, 1983

Location:  Location Unknown.

Cliff Jackson was born in Marshall, Missouri in 1900. He spent 38 years working for the railroad. When he first joined he thought he was going to Portland Maine but later was glad to be in Oregon instead. Jackson worked as a dining car waiter before becoming a Red Cap. He describes the duties of each. He recalls being a waiter on a special train with President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Jackson recalls the Local 465 Dining Car Waiters union and going to meetings despite the risk of getting fired. He describes the social and entertainment life during time spent at various different stops along railroad trips. Jackson also recalls the advent of baggage carts for passenger use as the end of the Red Cap career.