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Ninety Days Inside The Empire: A Novel by William Appleman Williams
Page 126

Primary Protagonists

Rank Name Details Nicknames
Margaret Harriet Blake Married to Mr. Hank Maggie
CAMM Henry Calhoun Blake Top engine mechanic Mr. Hank
Robert Griffin Jones Leader of Abyssinian Baptist Church The Reverend, Griff
Loretta Jones Wife of The Reverend Lette
Marshall Oliver Harland Walks with a limp, lives in a hotel The Judge, Marsh
Rebecca Langdon Previously engaged to The Judge Becky
CDR Wilbur Mitchell Taylor Up for captain promotion Mitch
Caroline Taylor Wife of Mitch
Nancy Taylor Daughter of Mitch and Caroline, 9 yrs old
LT Kerry Trevor Wye 'Hot Shot' pilot and best navigator, trouble landing Cat
Susan Wye Married to Cat
LT Nathan Reis 'Hot Shot' pilot, best friend of Cat Run-Run

Other Characters

Rank Name Details Nicknames
RADM Alexander Randolph Breckinridge The Admiral, Breck
Lucy Breckinridge The Admiral's wife
Hugh Lee The Lee's Manage the store in 'Nigger Town' Lee
Elizabeth Lee
LCDR Jack Bates Friend of Mitch
Thomas Organist for Abyssinian Baptist Church
Y Tim Roberts Took notes at election meeting
Charles Burton Candidate for Senator
Ralph George Crown Owns Crown Enterprises
David Atwell Mayor
Barry Clay Candidate for Senator
Abby Mae Midwife to majority of negro population
CY Francis Johns Shares news from Admiral's office with other Chiefs
Wendell Rogers Respected Elder of Negro Community
Richard Dillon Works for Crown, tried to attack Maggie Richie
Tommy Downs Sheriff
Willie Wyatt Deputy
Irv Shelton Deputy
Bobby Johnson Deputy
Eveline Warrener Cat and Susan's landlady, extremely racist
Albert Case Albert and Rozanne work on the paper with Cat and Susan
Rozanne Case
Richard Scott Quaker
Marilyn Scott Quaker
William Henson District Attorney
Theodore Coffin FBI agent
Gilbert Moore Large store owner
Bert Weston Large store owner
David Cohen Owns Cohen's Department Store
COL Clifford Nord Disillusioned with military
David Webb Traumatized by war experience