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William Appleman Williams Papers, 1877-2012

Books by William Appleman Williams

  • American-Russian Relations, 1781-1947. New York: Rinehart (1952).
  • The Shaping of American Diplomacy, 1750-1955. [ed., two volumes] Chicago: Rand McNally (1956).
  • The Tragedy of American Diplomacy. Cleveland: World Publishing Company (1959). Revised editions published 1962, 1972. Twenty-fifth Anniversary Edition published New York: Norton, 1988. Fiftieth Anniversary Edition published New York: W. W. Norton & Co., 2009. Also published in Spanish and Japanese.
  • The Contours of American History. Cleveland: World Publishing Company (1961). Reprinted New York: Norton, 1989. British edition and Italian translation also published.
  • The United States, Cuba, and Castro. New York: Monthly Review Press (1962). Also published in Spanish.
  • The Great Evasion. An Essay on the Contemporary Relevance of Karl Marx and on the Wisdom of Admitting the Heretic into the Dialogue about America's Future. Chicago: Quadrangle Books (1964).
  • The Roots of the Modern American Empire: A Study of the Growth and Shaping of Social Consciousness in a Marketplace Society. New York: Random House (1969). British edition also published.
  • From Colony to Empire: Essays in the History of American Foreign Relations. [ed.] New York: John Wiley and Sons (1972). Also published in Italian.
  • Some Presidents: Wilson to Nixon. New York: New York Review of Books, distributed by Vintage Books (1972).
  • History as a Way of Learning. New York: New Viewpoints (1974). Also published in Spanish.
  • America Confronts a Revolutionary World: 1776-1976. New York: Morrow (1976).
  • Americans in a Changing World: A History of the United States in the Twentieth Century. New York: Harper and Row (1978).
  • Empire as a Way of Life: An Essay on the Causes and Character of America's Present Predicament Along with a Few Thoughts about an Alternative. New York: Oxford University Press (1980). British edition also published, as well as Spanish, German and Japanese translations.
  • America in Vietnam: A Documentary History. [ed., with Thomas McCormick, Lloyd Garner and Walter LaFeber] New York: Anchor Press/Doubleday (1985).
  • Berger, Henry W., ed. A William Appleman Williams Reader: Selections from His Major Historical Writings. Chicago: Ivan Dee (1992).

Books about William Appleman Williams

  • Gardner, Lloyd C., ed. Redefining the Past: Essays in Diplomatic History in Honor of William Appleman Williams. Corvallis, OR: Oregon State University Press (1986).
  • Buhle, Paul M. and Edward Rice-Maximin. William Appleman Williams: The Tragedy of Empire. New York: Routledge (1995).

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