"Address by Linus Pauling." Title. February 18, 1965
"Address by Linus Pauling." February 18, 1965. Title  Larger Images / More Information. 9 pp.

Activity Listings

  • Airline ticket: American Airlines, New York to Los Angeles to Santa Barbara [Filed under LP Travel, Box #1.004, Folder 4.1] 
  • Letter from Edith Patterson Meyer, to LP. RE: Requests biographical information regarding LP for a book she is writing for young people entitled Champions of the Four Freedoms. [Letter from LP February 25, 1965] [Filed under LP Correspondence: M: Correspondence, (1965-1967): Box #260 Folder #260.1]
  • Letter from Elissa Lemoncelli, Marywood College, to LP. RE: Asks for a reprint of the article on Protein Structure and any other related articles. [Filed under LP Correspondence: L: Correspondence, (1964-1966): Box #233 Folder #233.2] 
  • Newspaper Clipping: “600 hear Pauling decry Viet crisis,” Los Angeles People’s World, February 20, 1965. [Filed under LP Newspaper Clippings: Newspaper Clippings, Magazine and Journal Articles related to LP, 1965: Box #1965n, Folder #1965n.13]
  • Receipt from V. Luther RE: Total of $2.95.  Two copies.  [Filed under LP Biographical: Business and Financial: Box #4.062, Folder #62.1]
  • Reprint: “Evaluation of Chemical Diets as Nutrition for Man-In-Space” by Milton Winitz, Jack Graff, Neil Gallanger, Anthony Narkin, and Daniel A. Seedman, Nature. [Filed under LP Correspondence: V: Organizational Correspondence (Vivonex Corporation): Box #426 Folder #426.2]       
  • Typescript: No Title RE: Statement by prominent Japanese citizens condemning the actions of the House Un-American Activities Committee.  Signed by Tano Jodai, Kunisuke Nagano, Shigeru Nambara, Shintaro Ryu and Tamaki Uemura. [Filed under LP Biographical: Political Issues: Civil Liberties - House Un-American Activities Committee, 1963-1965: Box #2.043, Folder #43.3]