"The Structure of Carbides." Page 1. October 5, 1947
"The Structure of Carbides." October 5, 1947. Page 1  Larger Images / More Information. 1 p.

Activity Listings

  • Correspondence re: x-ray diffraction patterns and associated data of assorted steel samples, John A. Fellows to LP [Filed under LP Science: Materials re: Electron Theory and the Structure of Metals and Intermetallic Compounds, 1945-1949: Box #5.002 Folder #2.12]
  • Letter from A.O. Beckman, National Technical Laboratories, to LP . RE: Beckman thanks LP for sending a copy of "General Chemistry," and says he hopes that the book will be widely adopted. [Filed under LP Manuscripts of Books, 1947b5.3]
  • Letter from Bruns Lanni, secretary to LP, to Catherine Schlegelmilch, W.H. Freeman and Co., RE: Bruns apologizes for the inconvenience and assures Schlegelmilch that if they will mail the book again, they will see that it reaches its recipient, Mr. Eugene K. Mann. [Filed under LP Manuscripts of Books, 1947b4.6.]
  • Letter from J. A. Campbell, Isotopics, to LP. RE: Congratulates him on his nomination to the office of President of the ACS. Asks if he would like to make any statement which shall be published in the November issue of Isotopics. Informs him of the debates that have been occurring recently. [Filed under LP Science: American Chemical Society: Correspondence, 1943-1948: Box #14.003 Folder #3.3]
  • Letter from Wendell M. Latimer, Chairman, Chemistry Section, to Members of the Chemistry Section. RE: Encloses results from the informal caucus, biographies of Burns, Libby, Elderfield, and Sumner, and an informal ballot sheet. [Filed under LP Science: National Academy of Sciences, 1945-1951: Box #14.019 Folder #19.2]
  • Postcard from Dr. G. W. Wheland, Department of Chemistry, University of Chicago to LP RE: Tells how he has been in Ann Arbor for a few days with Dr. Fajans, says they reached no agreement but he now knows what the major point of dispute is, and says he will write more in detail later. [Letter from Wheland to LP October 18, 1947] [Filed under LP Correspondence: 434.7]
  • Report on Thiamine Deficiency in the Calf. University of Illinois, College of Veterinary Medicine. [Filed under LP Science: Orthomolecular medicine materials related to vitamin B1: Box #11.067 Folder #67.1]
  • Telegraph: LP to I.F. Walker, Du Pont Co. RE: LP's itinerary for a trip to New Jersey and Connecticut [Filed under LP Travel Materials: 1932-1954: Box #1.001 Folder #1.6]
  • Yearly Receipt on LP's Monthly Premium Policy from the Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association of America for $45.40. LP Safe Drawer 3, Folder 3.001