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Oregon State University Sesquicentennial Oral History Collection, 2013-2015

Content Description

The Oregon State University Sesquicentennial Oral History Collection is the product of an initiative sponsored by the OSU Office of the Provost, University Marketing and Relations, OSU Libraries and Press (OSULP), the OSU Foundation, the OSU Alumni Office and The Oregon Stater alumni magazine. The project documents the history, impact and ambitions of the university through the recollections of various alumni, faculty, staff, administrators and current students affiliated with OSU. A multi-year initiative, the project is one of many to be sponsored in anticipation of the university's sesquicentennial celebration in 2018.

Interviews of particular note include a five-part series conducted with alumnus Andy Landforce in May-September, 2013; a four-part series with alumnus Robert Lundeen in July-August 2013; a four-part series completed with OSU President Emeritus John Byrne in January-February 2014; and a two-part series with OSU President Emeritus Paul Risser in March 2014.

The collection is entirely born digital. Interviews led by project staff are captured using both video and audio recorders, and the resulting raw .mts files (almost always multiple files per interview) and .wav files constitute the original materials described in this collection. These raw files are stored on the OSULP preservation server. Derivative .mpg and .mp3 copies of each interview file have been generated from the raw files and are stored on the Special Collections & Archives Research Center (SCARC) file server for local access. Additionally, online copies of each interview video are available in two locations: as raw video files accessible through OSU's MediaSpace media distribution platform and, once transcribed, as contextualized websites presented on a dedicated project portal at http://scarc.library.oregonstate.edu/oh150/index.html.

Born digital materials gathered or created in preparation for an interview have been retained alongside its access .mpg and .mp3 files on the SCARC file server. Paper permission forms signed by each interviewee have been scanned to .pdf and are also stored with a given interview's access files on the SCARC file server. The original paper forms likewise have been retained among the SCARC central files.

The vast majority of the collection's interviews have been or will be transcribed by a professional transcription service, MediaScribe. A handful of interviews have been or will be transcribed by SCARC staff.

The team responsible for developing this collection and its online representation is as follows: Chris Petersen, project director and oral historian; Janice Dilg, oral historian; Mike Dicianna, oral historian; Ryan Wick, technology consultant; Patch Leishman, graphic designer. The project's executive committee consists of Molly Brown (OSU Foundation), Steve Clark (University Marketing and Relations), Faye Chadwell (OSULP), Larry Landis (OSULP), Christi Kasten (OSU Alumni Association), Kevin Miller (The Oregon Stater) and Shan Sutton (OSULP). Numerous other individuals have contributed to the project including, as interviewers, Anne Bahde, Dominic Cusimano, Adam LaMascus, Steve Matthes, Linda Richards, Trevor Sandgathe and Bob Schapper.

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